1. this is why we need to back off on the medical advances. or give these people government grants to be spayed and neutered..it’ll be cheaper in the long run.

  2. at least she spelled “A”, “all” and “get” correctly. 3 out of 14. Someone needs to go back to school and pay attention in Spelling and Language Arts.

      • Where is what’s his names indignation about DarkSock hijacking a thread about cartoons with his politics? Oh wait, that’s only if it’s conservative…

        “Unlikes” from libs are chicken soup for my soul!

          • Well, so many thoughts pop to mind. Your posts are/were never my issue. I appreciate your willingness to take shots at random things and we share a similar sense of humor otherwise I wouldn’t bother with the site.

            Having said that, and at the risk of sounding like a small child trying to tell on someone, I suppose my perceived negative persona has centered on the comment section. Someone made a snarky comment about the tea party movement, I responded, and was accused to hijacking the thread.

            In the end, it is difficult to endure “openminded liberalism” that includes disliking other people’s messages so they disappear, demonizing thoughts and positions, etc. (None of which I’m suggested that you’ve done – you actually strike me as a pretty openminded, mature adult).

            Anyway, I certainly will defend myself (when it’s worth my while) and would like to make the distinction for the record – and all eternity- that I’m a conservative and not a Republican.

            Anyway, soup’s on and that beats this, so I’m out…

          • The thumbs-up/thumbs-down process is the purest form of democracy. It’s not exactly oppression.
            As for conservative opinions, branchman67 is very conservative. He posts here all the time. Sometimes I agree with him, sometimes I don’t, but he never whines.
            DarkSock also talks about peeing in a horse from time to time, so I don’t really take him all that seriously one way or another.

          • I hear you on the thumbs up/down. Not sure what triggers messages to be hidden, but I’m guessing it’s formulaic. I’ll admit that I didn’t realize that originally.

            DarkSock vascillates between entertaining to alarming for me.

            It’s unfortunate if my posts come off as whining, but communication is 90% nonverbal so things like tone, inflection, etc. don’t always translate. In the end, some dude, can’t remember the name and don’t want to bother looking it up, drew my ire by misrepresenting my statement and trying to pigeonhole me by defining “my type”. I called him on it and it went south from there.

            It’s not the entrance I typically like to make in person or online, but what the hey? In the end, my name’s not Tom, yours isn’t Bronc and we’re all internet heroes behind our keyboards…

    • I see you’ve never been to a public library. I work in one. Trust me, the majority that come in – especially to use the computers – are all living proof that evolution is bunk and God has a twisted sense of humor.

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