Scout’s Honor

Yeah, the last thing you want is a generation of independent women. I hear those Samoas are particularly abortion-centric.

And what about¬†Thank You Berry Munch¬†cookies? I think we all know what kind of munching they’re really talking about.

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22 thoughts on “Scout’s Honor

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  2. Side question from a foreigner: Why do the Girl Scouts sell mass-manufactured biscuits? Surely selling what you’ve made yourselves is far more in-line with the Scouting ethos? Or am I missing something?

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      • But to answer your question – my boy scout troop was shut down by the state chapter for trying to show just that sort of do-it-yourself ethos. We were making “smokeable energy crystals” out in the woods and selling it as the SAFE alternative to bath salts. Making a KILLING, too. But apparently that wasn’t in the high muckety-muck’s approved handbook, so they took my troop away and sent me to a place we call here in the southern states a “penitentiary” for free state-sponsored vocational training.

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