You’re hurting America

Just a quick review:

1. The Gay Pride flag is a symbol of love and acceptance. It’s a rallying symbol for an oppressed minority that’s been abused and marginalized throughout history.

2. The Confederate Flag is a symbol from an antiquated rebellion that didn’t want to give up their slaves; a failed regime that’s been relegated to the dustbin of history. The argument some still use is that the Confederacy was merely going to war for “states’ rights” but the reality is they meant “the states’ rights to own black people.”

So naturally the readers at Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller think the Confederate flag is fucking awesome. Of course they do.

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73 thoughts on “You’re hurting America

        • I love the attacks on tea party “crazies”. Is the idea of paying your own way and not burdening future generations so crazy? The unborn are in ridiculous debt right now, which I have to say, doesn’t seem very fair.

          That doesn’t bother you in any way? Just keep raising the debt ceiling, borrowing from China, and complain when the card house finally collapses. The entire time castigating people that don’t love the idea. Brilliant!

          • I see…

            So Republicans and the “Tea Party” are “fiscally conservative”, eh?

            Is that why all of the traditionally Republican “fiscally conservative” states are dirt poor with mostly shitty education systems, serious violence problems, and high unemployment rates?

            But of COURSE Teabaggers are the answer. Because what we REALLY need to fix our government is more religious nuts… to the face…

          • IF the Tea Party ever just stuck to the message of fiscal responsibility, they might actually make some headway. Maybe. But they seem to spend an inordinate amount of time inviting speakers to their rallies who talk about how Obama is a Muslim from Kenya, and sane people just tune out that drivel. There’s also the question of where all these sensible fiscal minds were back when the Bush administration was running the economy into the ground and conducting two wars without bothering to pay for them. “Deficits don’t matter” is not a Barack Obama quote. It’s a bit tough to take the TP seriously now that they all of a sudden care about where the money’s coming from.

            The Tea Party is a fringe group and will probably be gone in 5 years time. Mainstream Republicans are growing weary of their antics, and the feeling is mutual. Unless the TP thinks they can really form a viable third party in this country, that’s about all she wrote.

          • Haha. I love that my comment has been hidden due to low comment rating. Shocking! The idea of “liberalism” is dead. The modern liberal is as close minded as any other group they rail against. An alternative view point is not allowed!

            BTW, politics is akin to WWE. I’m gonna say you’re a racist and hate poor people, you tell me that I’m a tax and spend and don’t love the country… We’ll high five in the locker room and reconvene for dinner later (in a fancy DC restaurant!) Republicrats or Demicans or whatever you want to call the fixed-game complex are the real problem.
            We deserve the government we have (and that doesn’t say much for us as a spoiled, self-serving, decadent, spend-happy people.)

            I enjoy this site, but find the self-mastubatory comment section the most interesting part! I’ll negative my own comment to start the festivities!

          • Curious to know “my type”.

            BTW, is there a way I can change my password to something I can remember?

          • The “your type” being the ones that launch into derailing economic comments on a social issue that alludes to those on a different side as not “paying [their] own way,” and not being “bothered” by debt ceiling raises and owing foreign debts. Which has jack all to do with kids psi spender for a few days for violating the school dress code. And a proponent of the tired argument that liberals are really close minded and don’t allow other viewpoints.

            That type.

          • Yes, yes, I know, the Tea Party sucks because limiting government is for suckers. We should totes rely on the government for our daily well being. BTW, how’s that ‘Affordable’ Care Act website going? Four whole years to get it off the ground and it’s still bug riddled and people can’t get through to sign up. Meanwhile, out of a projected 50,000,000 uninsured (a number frequently thrown around by the left as to why we need this), all of about 50,000 people have signed up. What a stampede! But please, continue to tell me how the government does better than the private sector in every respect…

          • You’ll notice that it was a response to a “tea bag” comment. Thanks for trying to portray it as my trying to hijack the conversation though. For the record, I’d have to be more towards a libertarian (although I cringe at that label too) than anything else.

            Ah, if only the educated free-thinkers amongst us would unite and demand a better government! You really don’t think we could solve most of these government issues over a few beers and hot wings? It’d be so easy if “politics” weren’t in the way! Why do we make it so easy for selfish, smug, glory hounds to get incredibly rich off of our tax money only to turn around and lock us out of our own national parks!?! How can we let “daddy” lock us out of Yosemite?!? It’s a bunch of rocks! So frustrating!

            So no help on the password?

          • So responding to a comment on a post about the social issue of students being suspended for wearing a Confederate flag with a post about the debt ceiling and owing China isn’t hijacking? My, what an interesting dictionary you have.

            I guess branchman up there totally isn’t hijacking either with his rant against the ACA, which he posted in a discussion about kids being suspended from school for wearing the Confederate flag. Because those two things are exactly the same.

          • Yeah, I’m going to go ahead and stand behind my previous comment that I was responding to an attack on the tea party which was almost assuredly economic in nature (what with the overlords recently agreeing to let us look at our rocks and WW2 memorials again).

            Either Darksock’s tea party comment was about economics or it wasn’t. If it was, he hijacked it which is what prompted my response in the first place. If it wasn’t, I did hijack it accidentally for which I’d be happy to apologize.

            Either way, you seem insincere in your unwillingness to admit and realize that his comment exists. You’ll note that it’s right above my “hidden” comment and has a bunch of “likes”.

          • “Bless your heart”? haha.

            Surprisingly, I had you pegged for better, but I guess I overestimated “your type”!

            And the lemmings continue… so sad!

        • Haha. So quick to cast aspersions, but unable and unwilling to back up your claims (even when directly called on them more than once). Best to just have you and your cronies shout me down and “dislike” my comments so they go away and you can pretend you didn’t get powned (and didn’t even read them).

          I’ll consider that your surrender then. Where I’m from, we refer to this as biatches being biatches…

  1. Know what else pisses me off about the whole “Confederate Flag” thing?


    For every racist jackoff that says that “Oh, it’s about HISTORY!” I want to shove a spork in their eye and scream “YOU DON’T KNOW A GORRUM THING ABOUT HISTORY!!!!!!”

    And then I want to kick them in the taint. Mainly because it’s likely that their cock’n’balls are too small to hit accurately and their heads are so far up their arseholes that it’s hardly worth the target.

    Seriously though, if you’re going to claim that your racist hate symbol is about “history” at least make it accurate to said history!

    The closest that the flag came to being in any official capacity was in the corner of a few battle flags.

  2. Isn’t there a freedom of speech issue here?

    I am not one who defends the confederate flag, and I don’t REALLY understand its use in protesting the pride flag (I mean, I do. But it doesn’t REALLY make sense) however, I don’t see the confederate flag as being so disruptive that it is cause for a suspension. You can’t just suspend people from school for being a-holes. A-holes have a right to education, too. If they were going around and threatening people, that would be one thing, but just to wear a flag as a political statement after the school already permitted other students to do the same, should not lead to punishment. AMERICA!

      • Totally agree with ilikerice. Freedom of speech and expression needs to be a 2 way street. There was a time when the confederate flag would’ve been tolerated and not the gay flag and that was wrong too.

        Additionally, as a teacher in the central valley, I can tell you that our students were threatened with suspension for wearing the stars and stripes on Cinco de Mayo, so I’m not so sure about the “more to the story” argument.

        We are living in an absurd time of “liberal” censorship which is a bizarre oxymoron… You either believe in minority (as in numbers, not race) rights or you don’t. Allowing unpopular sentiment is the true test of openmindedness, not simply supporting gay or minority (as in race, not numbers) rights.

    • No freedom of speech issue here at all. Freedom of speech doesn’t extend to kids in schools. There are a lot of freedoms that don’t extend to kids in schools, such as prohibition on warrantless searches. If school officials want to ban the color pink and all protests against it, they can.

      Even outside of schools, freedom of speech is not absolute and comes with restrictions.

      Besides, the information in that image left out pertinent details, such as they were only suspended a few days and were suspended for violating the school dress code. They weren’t suspended in a knee jerk reaction. The school’s dress code prohibits confederate flags on clothing.

  3. Might be time to remind folks that the rainbow has been a prominent Judeo-Christian (JC)symbol for several thousand years. And, as you may know, the bible prohibits homosexual behavior. I’ve seen the verses, it is definitely prohibited in the bible. Therefore, the gay pride community, whether deliberately or not, is using a JC symbol for its cause which can clearly tick off a number of JC’s for obvious reasons—-it seems to be a hostile slap in the face to their beliefs, which would be offensive to anyone. I mean, seriously? The gay pride community couldn’t POSSIBLY have come up their very own symbol? They just happened to land on a Judeo Christian one, and didn’t expect ANY flack about that? Please.

    That being the case, is it really so hard to understand why these kids reacted the way they did? They responded via peaceful means—-they didn’t yell slurs, throw punches, or hold up signs, they wore T-shirts. And, frankly, it looks like the school & its supporters filled in the blanks with their own bigotry and judgment calls based on assumptions and prejudice about the JC community. Because, of course, it’s trendy & cool to hate them and write them off as idiots because their beliefs are different than what society is telling we the sheeple to believe.

    For the record, simply disagreeing with someone’s lifestyle doesn’t automatically mean you hate that someone. This seems to be a common and mistaken assumption about Judeo Christians. Most JC’s are nothing like Westboro Baptist Church, which we all fervently wish would just go away. Believe it or not, JC’s are usually nice enough people, just like most non-JC’s. Most commenters here don’t seem to know that, or even consider the possibility. For example, the Catholic Church. I’m sure most of the commenters here only think of “pedophiles” when the Catholic church is mentioned since Bill Maher & Family Guy, among others, don’t tell you about the good stuff. It’s not general practice in entertainment to challenge people to think in ways that aren’t good for ratings. Far better to whip up the passionate ignorance! Well, the Catholic Church HATES GAYS & POOR PEOPLE SO MUCH that it opened the first AIDs hospitals, the first orphanages, and the first schools for the poor and underprivileged. It is the largest charity on the planet. Get that? Catholics disagree with homosexual behavior, but were the first to risk their lives to try to save, treat, and comfort AIDs victims when the rest of the world treated them like lepers. There are JC jerks, I’ve already mentioned Westboro Baptist Church, but there’s a reason they’re in the news, and it’s because they’re not the norm.

    I live in Missouri, a Southern state, and I see Confederate flags all over the place, and I can tell you with reasonable accuracy that these people get mad if you infer that they support slavery, or would have anything to do with that. It’s about pride in their heritage & their roots. So, question: Why are some young black people tripped out like gangsta rappers—-which often glorify violence, crime, drugs, and degradation of women—-with no one being offended about THEIR pride in THEIR culture, but everyone pee’s down their leg when someone sports a Confederate flag? Many young black people looking gangsta doesn’t mean they automatically support any of those negative aspects of gangsta rap, so why is it assumed of people sporting Confederate flags?

    It’s clearly a double standard.

      • But of COURSE they own rainbows!!!

        I mean, it’s not like Christians incorporated and stole every gorram thing about their religion from the rest of the people that were enslaved and/or appropriated by the Romans!

        Silly Bronc… The Jeebus people are ALWAYS right!


    • As a Christian in my 50’s, I can guarantee that rainbows were never used anywhere except Sunday School spring plays. My mother was a Sunday school teacher, my grandmother played organ, and my great-grandfather was the first Episcopalian priest on Long Island to let black people come in through the front door (St. Micheal’s & All Angels). You can TRY to own any symbol you want, but you never will, especially when you make up stupid “history” to try to back it up.

      In unrelated news, my new church (to be named later) claims unicorns.

    • 1. There are plenty of Christians here.
      2. There are plenty of non-Christians here who do not look at Christians the way you’re saying they do.
      3. Christians don’t own rainbows as a symbol, unless decades of Sunday school just failed to mention that to my class and I.
      4. Being gay is not a “lifestyle.”
      5. Dressing in a particular style is not comparable to a symbol that has been used in conjunction with racist beliefs for over a century.
      6. I grew up in a Southern state too and the heritage and roots thing is bullshit. This confederate flag was used only briefly in a few battles in one state (and certainly not Missouri). And was never recognized as one of the several official flags of the Confederacy. Not to mention, ancestors of most of the people who use it came over before the flag existed or after the American Civil War ended. They have almost no heritage connection to it. Not to mention, the use of this particular flag as a southern symbol is almost primarily a WW2 invention. Using that flag as a symbol of their heritage is disingenuous and completely ignores their actual heritage. If they want to show pride in their southern roots, there are dozens of other symbols to use over something so negative and associated with racism.
      7. From what I remember about Sunday school, such fervent adherence to symbols like this flag is frowned upon by God.

      • Also, the kids using “southern pride” in a reaction against the kid wearing a gay pride shirt (during gay pride month) is offensive to me as a southerner. Southern pride has jack all to do with a person’s sexual orientation. It’s about helping your neighbor, damn good food, and a whole lot of other things. Those kids don’t know the first thing about southern pride. No wonder most of the locals support the school’s decision.

          • Don’t get me started about pseudo-hicks. I live on Long Island and years back, my sister and I went to the Westbury Music Fair to watch my dad’s band open for The Marshall Tucker Band, Dicky Bettes, and Charlie Daniels.

            The parking lot was packed with 70′ and 80’s Broncos and Blazers and pick-up trucks. Nearly every one of them sported Confederate flags and #3s. Some even had rifle racks. Everyone was dressed like cowboys. We’re in NY for fucksakes! And they all come out to play whenever a southern rock band plays here.

          • Marshall Tucker, Dickie and CDB? Hells yeah that was a kick-ass show. Your old man’s lucky.

            My band opened this summer for American Idol winner and hill-billy hiccup singing woodchuck Scott McCreedy at the Crawfish Festival on the beach here at the Coast coliseum.

            O the shame.

    • Silly me. I thought Jesus preached about love and acceptance of everyone. Love your brothers as you’d love yourself, judge not lest ye be judged, do unto others as you’d have them do unto you and the like. And to think, all this time I’ve been doing Christianity wrong. Huh.

      • They desperately want to be a southern state, but due to their loyalty to the Union, they are merely delusional.

        Meanwhile, all the penguins in Rothera are rolling their eyes at us up in this hemisphere. Then they get in their little penguin pickups with the penguin Confederate flag painted on it and go penguin mudding.

    • I’d really like to believe you’re a troll, yet the lenght of your crap screams mentall illness all over. Since the Sky is mentioned in that whatcha-ya-call-it book you said, it’s Judeo-Christian property too, right?

  4. Thanks, folks, for reading claims that were nowhere in my post. Not prejudiced at ALL, are ya!

    A few of the more glaring errors, primarily listed by pensenvy, is the unfounded inference that Judeo Christians own the rainbow. Nowhere did I make that statement, so pens, you’re responding to something that isn’t even there, like several of your other responses. No offense, but when you reply to claims that don’t exist, it doesn’t exactly build confidence. However, I’ll try to make my point more clear: While JC’s don’t own the rainbow, it is, has been, will always remain a biblical symbol in JC culture; and as such, use of said symbol to promote a behavior prohibited in JC culture was, at the very least, unwise PR, and could obviously be offensive to members of said cultures.

    Also, the parallel of dressing in a certain manner was completely comparable because we’re talking about kids wearing T-shirts. Your choice to strongly and mistakenly believe that slavery is the only inference to make about the Confederate flag is certainly not a universal one, because there are numerous southerners who sport the flag with absolutely no support of slavery or racism at all, and you’d have to live extremely unconnected from southern people not to know that. The rest of your response, pens, simply reflects difference in our opinions and experiences that you are clearly unable to tolerate with any civility. (shrug)

    Glitzy, if you’re a Christian in your 50’s (and I’m glad you told me, because I couldn’t tell from the condescension in your post, which also responds to claims that weren’t made), you probably know there are 23,000 Christian denominations. So, although your own church doesn’t use rainbows much, it stands to reason that some of the other 22,999 Christian churches do.

    • Well, here is something in response to what you SAID in your first post. You asked why gays couldn’t come up with a symbol of their own. They did.

      They didn’t use YOUR rainbow (which apparently you didn’t say that Christians owned but you implied it pretty darn hard), they made up one of their own (with symbolism and everything! Gee whiz!) and then refined it over time into something simpler. The original flag included colors that aren’t even IN a rainbow of the RGBIV variety.

    • You repeatedly stated the rainbow is a Christian symbol. That implies ownership. While there are many Christian denominations, the rainbow is not associated with Christianity and is not a Christian symbol.

      No, the a style of dress is not comparable to a flag symbol just because they’re on t-shirts. You don’t seem to understand what a symbol is.

      No, I’m not disconnected from southerners. I grew up here, I live here, I know what being a southerner is about.* I know what people who use this flag try to claim for its use and they are wrong. They are the ones who are disconnected from their own history. Since this takes place in the Pacific Northwest, those kids are even more disconnected as it’s a history they don’t even share.

      As for my inability to tolerate civility, I believe you were the one that denigrated blacks, gay people, and made blanket assumptions that posters here think Catholics = pedophiles and are “sheeple.” Bless your heart, dear.

      * And frankly, my dear, as Missourians, y’all ain’t even southerners. Y’all are Yankees and were part of the Union during the Civil War. We Arkansans and Texans think it’s so adorable when y’all wave the flag.

    • The Jews voted, and we would like you to stop referring to ‘Judeo Christians’ when you really mean ‘a small minority of radical fringe Christians’. Also, we’d like royalties on the last 2000 years of your use of OUR rainbow.

  5. I can definitely understand how the Confederate flag can mean negative things to many people. That’s obvious. However, does it ALWAYS and ONLY mean that the people wearing it are racist? Or can it be about being southern?
    Again, why is it socially acceptable to dress in a way that’s associated with a culture of violence, crime, drugs, and degrading women; but it’s not acceptable to wear the Confederate flag? Dressing like a gangsta rapper doesn’t mean the negative things associated with it have been embraced, so why is anything different assumed when people wear the Confederate flag?

    • Does it ALWAYS and ONLY mean that you’re a racist who wishes the South had won the war? No, of course it doesn’t. Nothing ALWAYS means anything. But I think it means that often enough that a lot of people will be extremely bothered by seeing it. If you’re the kind of person who simply insists on flying the Rebel flag, even knowing that a lot of people will think that makes you a racist, what does that say about you?

      The kids in this story KNEW they were fucking with people. They KNEW they were being provocative and inciting a negative response. That’s why they did it. It’s far too late in the game to claim innocence. The whole point was to piss people off. Which is what they did. If you want to demonstrate real bravery, do something that you know is going to get you suspended, and take your punishment willingly. It doesn’t make your cause valid, but it makes you less of a whiny punk.

      As far as the idea of being proud of where you’re from, I have very little patience for this mindset. From anybody. It’s so tiresome when people brag about or have excessive pride in their hometown or whatever. Because who gives a shit where you’re from? Really, who cares? I’m from Connecticut, you think I give a rat’s ass? You think anyone else does? Am I going to waste two seconds bragging about my hometown or my area code? Yeah, 203 bitches! It’s ridiculous.

      If you’re from New York, shut the hell up about New York already. If you’re from Kentucky, do likewise. It’s not interesting. You were born where you were born because that’s where your parents fucked. That’s it. You didn’t choose it, and it doesn’t make you quirky and unique.

      You’re really going to use the “dressing like a gangster rapper” argument? As if that’s just socially acceptable everywhere? How many people go to job interviews dressed like that? There are plenty of places where that manner of dress will be frowned upon. Many, many high schools have dress codes that preclude exactly that kind of garb. And that’s really what the kids in this story are being suspended for: violating the school’s dress code.

  6. The Dukes of Hazzard Vs NAACP

    Before I proceed into this topic of the NAACP vs. The Dukes of Hazzard, I wanted to state some clarifications of the topic at hand.

    NAACP stands for National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Their mission is to ensure that equal rights are being practiced politically, educationally, socially, and economically. Their goal is to eliminate racial hatred and racial discrimination.

    The Dukes of Hazzard is a TV series that follows the adventures of the Duke family living in the southern state of Georgia, racing around in their 1969 Dodge Charger named The General Lee, as they try to fix the corrupt doings of the county’s commissioner Boss Hogg while trying to remain their loyal and prideful stature. The Dukes have been fighting the system all their lives, their family values and moral teachings has been a part to make this TV series a hit for over 20 years.

    Since the late 1970’s The Dukes of Hazzard has been teaching families, teaching children, and creating a fun family oriented television show. Recently the NAACP has banned the Dukes of Hazzard from being shown on CMT along with causing the cancellation of the Cincinnati Pops ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ show that was to star the Dukes own John Schneider and Tom Wopat. Apparently this is all due to the use of the Confederate Flag that is proudly displayed on top of the famous General Lee.

    The Dukes of Hazzard is NOT a racist television show. If you are a prided Dukes fan such as me you will know that the Duke family is against any type of racism or judgment based upon religion, color, or sex. You will also know that on many episodes even the use of swear words were approached as wrong with Uncle Jesse commenting with “you watch your language.”

    The General Lee is the main culprit of this ordeal because of the Confederate Flag being displayed proudly on the roof of the stock car. But if you think about it, what is the Confederate Flag?

    The Confederate Flag, also known as the Battle Flag, Rebel Flag, or Dixie Flag is a symbol that was used as a symbol of the south during the American Civil War. Since the time of the Civil War, the Confederate Flag has been incorporated in state flags such as Georgia and Mississippi. There have been many flags throughout our history, including the all around United States Flag. A flag is primarily a method or symbol of identification. The Confederate Flag is an identification of the south during specific times in our history, a stepping stone that makes us what we are today.

    Many people have taken this piece of cloth or design to a whole new level and have attached emotional meanings to it, love hate, pride, and also veneration. I personally see this flag as a symbol of pride for those who live or have lived in the south, just as our American Flag shows a symbolic pride for our states.

    But if you look deep into the Dukes of Hazzard itself, you will find many African American actors who have starred. For example: Don Pedro Colley played the clever Sherriff Little, Al White played many different characters on the show, as well as Herb Jefferson Jr. played Walden, an FBI agent. These talented African American actors that played on the Dukes of Hazzard are just a few among many.

    There was never a time on this family television show that they had made a racist remark or a racial approach on any of the context. To even make that statement infuriates me to no end. Yes, the Civil War was a war that played a major part in freeing and getting rid of slavery. But a piece of cloth or a design does not mean the person flying this flag is for slavery. To declare this idea is performing racism.

    Racism is not only an act against African Americans, racism is defined as the belief that members of one race, whether African American, Caucasian, Hispanic, etc. are superior or inferior to members of other races. By the NAACP forcing the cancellation of a show based upon a flag shows that they are claiming themselves to be superior. When in reality no race is more superior or inferior to the next.

    Look beyond the flag, look inside the show at its morals that is what really matters. What matters is teaching your children how much family means, teaching your children the importance of honor, pride, and honesty. And of course, the moral of every Dukes of Hazzard, at the end is that the bad guy never wins. In this case, the NAACP is the bad guy, and is contradicting themselves and their goals as an organization.

    We are in a world where racism runs amuck. Judgments are quick to be made by the color of the skin, the person’s type of religion, even their weight, and sexual preference. In the end, we all know that there was slavery, and we all know that enslaving people whether their color is red, white, black, blue or purple is wrong. That moment is in our history and many have learned from it and transcended by it. But cancelling a television show because of that one symbol that brings back the memory of slavery in our history is so small based on the positive teachings that the show has to offer.

    I think what the world needs to think about is the positive and get rid of the negative, especially in this case of the NAACP vs. The Dukes of Hazzard. I’m not racist and I think the NAACP’s mission is a positive one, however the Dukes of Hazzard have been around for years, why start this controversy now? And there is no proof that the show is racist, because like I said… a flag is a piece of cloth that people attach emotions to, it is no the slavery itself.

    So leave the Dukes of Hazzard alone and let them continue to teach the world its family values and continue to praise it as a piece of Americana. I know I will.

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