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  1. Oh no, the “Affordable Care Act” is great. I mean, who knew Obama had such razor sharp wit and grasp of irony to name an act that drove up healthcare costs and caused businesses to dump existing policies ‘affordable’. Of course cynics might say the act was named to fool people into thinking the act does one thing while it really does another, but those same meany heads probably also accuse Obama of passing the law without reading it, and he’d never do something like that…

      • I think I missed the psalm where Jesus said, “Yea verily, charity does not come from the self, true charity comes from the force of a government edict. Thus empower your government to take what is yours and redistribute as they see fit in exchange for votes, for that is the path to the kingdom of Heaven.”

        I do however remember the lesson, “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.” Wanna guess which of these two categories left-wing welfare falls into?

        • Oh that’s great! Thanks for enlightening me with the Bible!

          So, by participating in a system where you have 40 million people with no access to healthcare, and people with preexisting conditions are fucked, and hospital bills can bankrupt you, you’re actually “helping” poor people! You’re actually “teaching them to fish?”

          It’s incredible the mental gymnastics you conservatives perform to justify your misanthropic, selfish, cruel behavior. “We’re not actually killing poor people, we’re helping them be better! It’s just tough love! And if it happens to make hospitals rich and poor people die off faster, oh well! It’s what the good Lord wants!”

          I am so happy to live in a country with a nice, humane single payer health care system. Nobody is refused access. Nobody goes broke paying their bills. Because caring for the poorest and sickest among you, THAT is the Christian thing to do. Telling them “too bad, get a job” is fucking evil.

          Your country’s pathetic excuse for healthcare ranks 46th in the world, but Fox News insists it’s the BEST. Because numbers have a liberal bias, I guess.

          So you just have fun pretending your “Obamacare” is actually some kind of EVIL SOCIALISM. The grownups will be over here getting better care and living longer.


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