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  1. Okay, it’s been two days of humanity sucking so hard that every trailer hitch in the Universe is now chromeless. I know you’re not obligated, and I’m not demanding, but can you give us a wee bit o’ ballast in the form of something, if not heartening, then at least funny? I’m dyin’ over here.

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  2. Um. Yeah. Ho ho ho that’s funny right there.

    If those sullen twat-waffles pining for Texas to secede from the Union had only sent their little petition around to the other 49 states, they’d have gotten 199 million signatures within a week.

    Fuck Texas. Except for Austin.

    And fuck Delaware. Just because.

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    • Only an idiot would tie a chick up.

      Furry handcuffs work better. And if the kids find them you can tell them that’s where Fluffy’s tail went, rather than the ugly fact that it rotted off from sepsis after Mr. Lovekins bit it through, and Daddy was too cheap to take her to the vet, or should I say TOO BROKE because he MARRIED A PSYCHO MONEY FURNACE who was only tolerable because she liked mild BDSM and naughty Cosplay when she got ripping drunk, which was pretty much nightly these dark days…Then while looking for some gum Daddy found the love note in her purse (her fucking Louis Vitton purse, mind you)from his best friend Brian. Well. Daddy’s not looking for gum anymore, is he? Oh no…not gum. No fuccen sir. Now he’s looking for some lye, a shovel and some stout plastic sheeting…and that snubnose .38 and three (3) hollowpoint bullets…the kids will just have to go live with Aunt Sadie after tonight…Daddy should have proposed to her back in ’93, not her crazy sister with the wild eyes and shoulder tatts. Too late now. Now it’s dark. Time to roll on over to ol’ Brian’s house. Dollars to doughnuts her Jag will be in his driveway, not at “the gym”.
      I’m sorry…What were we talking about?

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