11 thoughts on “Stay classy, frat bros

  1. And in 10 years these entitled frat choads will all be in finely pressed Brooks Brothers suits calling the shots on Wall Street with the same fuck you me first moral compass they honed in college.

    Same shit, nicer wrapper.

    • Or…they’ll be mean, fat, impotent, static losers whose only pleasure comes from exaggerating the drunken exploits of their youths and demeaning people as they did in their dubious “prime.”

  2. I can’t actually be mad about this. They’re upfront about their douchebaggery. It’s like put up signs all over the front of your property “Beware of Dog”, then someone getting mad when they hop the fence and get mauled. Any woman who goes within a hundred yards of any of these places can’t say they didn’t know what they were getting into.

  3. Sad thing is that there are people (guys obviously) commenting on this story elsewhere who’re saying it’s “obviously” a joke and that the rest of us have no sense of humor, without realizing why this might be an offensive to women, or that the police are investigating because it falls under solicitation of sex, or that women have been raped responding to less conspicuous ads before:


  4. Dear Frat Boys,

    Why would I want a boy when I prefer men?

    Experience comes with age and experience counts for more in the bedroom than youthful vigor that’s over all too quickly.

    In other words, NO.

    MIFLS everywhere

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