8 thoughts on “Now that’s medicine!

  1. Ghetto Booty was first diagnosed in 1992 after Sirmixalot released the album ‘Baby Got Back’. Nowadays it is very common amongst different layers of society, from crackers, twerkers, N-word-ers, hipsters and conservatives. The only known cure is to undergo a complicated getobootyology surgery, where excessive fat above the Gluteus Maximus is transfered to the upper and lower lip.

  2. So my band played The Quarter in Gulfport; great mixed crowd, and we played rock numbers from the 80’s, 90’s, and current on-the-charts faves. We played from 9 til 1am. As we broke down our gear, all of a sudden our exit from the stage was blocked by the same relatively normal black, white and Vietnamese happy couples, who all of a sudden, as if bidden by some strange alien command, started doing this NOT RIGHT unholy mash-up of twerking and line-dancing. And there were three (3) couples simulating graphic doggy-style ass-pounding on the two pool tables. My band mates and I just looked at each other, going “Um…where the FUCK are we?” I had to push my bass rig through an ocean of pumping ass.

    Moral of this story…be afraid. Very afraid.

    I feel sort of ashamed in what I just wrote. But it’s true.

    I play bass.

  3. Lucky for her sh didn’t go to an Asian doctor – H would have diagnosed her with Zachary’s Disease.

    That’s when you ass rook Zachary rike you face.

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