13 thoughts on “YOU ARE REALLY TEDIOUS

    • Um, how? You can believe in God and NOT be a fundamentalist.

      The 10 Commandments basically boil down to this – Don’t steal, don’t kill people, don’t be jealous, remember even if your parents are putzes you wouldn’t be alive without them, don’t lie. All pretty darn good ideas no matter what you believe.

      True believers are NOT fundamentalists. I assure you real Christians think Fred Phelps and his bunch are going to Hell. Same goes for real Muslims and their view of the terrorist types. And so on.

  1. If I lived in Murca I’d put a sticker for every possible World view on my car then watch as whole cities tried to chase me down.

    This person has inspired me, so they’ve like totally fulfilled their sticker-based aim. Worth every dollar spent on all them stickers for sure.

  2. Twenty bucks says if I approached this person and told them I was a conservative, they’d call me an asshole and either scream at me or flip me off. Your co-exist bumper sticker tells me you’re the sort of person who believes we should all just get along by seeing things your way and only your way.

  3. Also, it just dawned on me by looking at the license plate that this is a rabbi (unless he’s just a baseball fan who loves cleanup hitters). Wow, so many layers of weird here…

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