Where Does It End?

At what point does a guy like Alec Baldwin start suffering some consequences from his behavior? When does he get the Paula Deen treatment? Or do we just keep acting like he’s a mensch because he made us laugh on 30 Rock?

Just asking.

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24 thoughts on “Where Does It End?

  1. He’s a celeb. People in the end won’t care. Look at all the other examples –

    Mel Gibson – Proves himself to be the anti-Semite I always said he was. People don’t care.

    Chris Brown – Beats the crap out of his girlfriend. People don’t care.

    Roman Polanski – Drugs and rapes a CHILD, refuses to serve his more than fair sentence (rapists should get the death penalty or at the very least life without parole), hides out in Europe – people don’t care. Even though he’s probably still raping kids over there because once a rapist, always a rapist.

    Victor Salva – (writer/director) Convicted of raping little boys. Still gets to work with kids in Hollywood when he should be in jail or better yet, dead.

    And people still worship the ground these idiots/monsters walk on simply because they’re famous.

    I need to be famous so I can go around and say what evil, bad, and utterly rotten people the above are and get away with it. Cause hey, I’d be famous and famous people can do whatever they want with no consequences. So why should I, if I was famous, not be allowed with getting away with calling Chris Brown a woman beating talentless hack? Or saying Roman Polanski should have his rapist penis cut off with a dull, rusty knife and left to bleed to death in a rat infested sewer…..

    • More interesting question: Does the Mel Gibson stuff blow over if it comes out in his Lethal Weapon days? And vice versa, does the Polanski thing melt the Internet if it happens today, and he never works again? Remember, when Mel’s shit went down, his acting career was on the downside and his big directorial goings on was Passion of the Christ, which rankled a lot of feathers (and made him a metric fuck ton

    • 1. Comparing rape to angry homophobic slander is like comparing paper cuts to gunshot wounds

      2. He’s an actor and not on a pedestal

      3. People say things they don’t mean when they are furious why not let it slide.

      • 1. The problem is Hollywood treats the homophobic slanderer worse than the rapist.

        2. No one’s saying he’s up for sainthood, but you’d like to think basic human decency isn’t too big an ask.

        3. The question is why should we let this slide, when we don’t let the Paula Deen stuff slide (assuming her remarks were all from 3 decades ago and she’s grown since then)? Also, it’s a question of response level. The reporter accused his wife of tweeting during a funeral. Incorrectly, as it turns out. A normal human would respond, “No she didn’t, get your facts straight.” Alec Baldwin responded with a verbal tactical nuke. Just a bit out of proportion for the offense, but par for the course for him. Also he threatened bodily harm, and seems like one of those people you wouldn’t put past following through on his threats.

        • If Alec Baldwin were a Republican in Hollywood he would get MUCH less slack whenever he blew up and said something hateful. That’s just a fact of life. He’d be in Mel Gibson territory now, for sure. Gibson’s career isn’t completely over, but he’s hardly an A-lister anymore. Though I will say that Mel took it to another level when he knocked his girlfriend’s teeth out. Alec Baldwin, as far as I can tell, is all talk at this point. But anyone who talks that tough all the time probably has it in them. If not, then he’s all talk. Which would be pretty lame.

        • Not really sure why everyone thinks the PD thing is from 30 yrs ago. The court case she is on trial for right now is starting from 2007. And this little gem was filmed about six months ago, AFTER the court thing was filed. This video, to me, says a lot more about PD’s upbringing and attitude towards black people than anything else I’ve heard or read. Imagine parading your FRIEND around as an example of “having black friends” and then shaming him for not being light enough..? But please don’t excuse her actions as being from 30 years ago. This is ONGOING. She’ll just do it behind closed doors from now on. It’s a start.

          As far as Alec, he’s a jerk. He’s been a jerk for a long time and it hasn’t hurt him too badly. There should be a website for these aholes so we can keep them and their crimes straight…never heard of some of the people you cited. :P Perverts everywhere, and money has little to do with it…

  2. it’s this simple…

    Alec Baldwin is an outspoken Democrat, so the media goes easy on him… maybe a few jabs here and there.

    Paula Deen is a Republican (from what I’ve heard) so the media being left-leaning, crucifies her to no end.

    as for Mel Gibson… he got it alot worse than people think.

    The same thing happened to Tiger Woods… He identifies as a republican… the media goes nuts.

    The media goes easy on liberals, and goes ballistic on conservatives.

    it’s a fact.

  3. Sorry, I gotta vote for “Fuck the little Limey fop”. The vulture culture in Brit “journalism” has gotten so bad they hack murdered kid’s iphones and even killed their own princess.

    If the little turd is gay I got no truck with that. It’s more the “being a snarky little sniping prick” thing for me.

    Disclaimer – the only Baldwins I like are pianos.

  4. It is an interesting question whether he gets a pass because he’s a liberal or because we already know he’s an asshole, so it feels redundant to call him on it every time. Ironically, he should take more shit for this than for the blowup with his daughter that was left on an answering machine. Maybe it’s a balancing out thing? Plus, 30 Rock is done and I’m not sure what he’s actively doing other than Capital One, so they’re really the only people who can punish him right now for his comments.

    As for whether people should lose sponsorships left and right for shit they say (or said 30 years ago), I don’t like the chilling effect this will have on speech (I’d much rather have people be comfortable speaking their mind, even if they’re a bigot, so I can know they’re an asshole). Frankly these calls for sponsors to can people get ridiculous, let people vote with their wallets, instead of tiny organizations deciding they speak for entire races or groups of people.

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