Should’ve Said NO

If this news doesn’t scare the piss out of you, nothing will.

We are now in a place as a society where it only takes 86 signatures from some butthurt teenagers to get Abercrombie + Fitch to stop production on a shirt.¬†EIGHTY SIX. That’s it. A+F have certainly had their problems in the past, but the amount of cowardice they’ve shown here is just staggering. Are you really trying to tell me we can’t make fun of Taylor Swift’s love life now? A girl who’s made her entire career singing about her past boyfriends? That’s insane.

No bonus points if you guessed that the word “bullying” popped up in the petition. That’s right. Bullying. How are we ever supposed to reduce incidences of actual bullying like this? If you call everything “bullying” the term loses all meaning. Here’s a tip: criticizing someone is not the same as “bullying” them. Lightly mocking someone is not “bullying” them. To even consider using that term here is pathetic.

Does anyone really think Taylor Swift felt “bullied” by any of this shit? She’s got $100 million in the bank, and practically all of that money is the result of songs about her boyfriends. She couldn’t care less about some dumb t-shirt.

Also, “It is the most childish thing I have ever seen in my life?” The Irony Meter just broke into a million pieces.

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29 thoughts on “Should’ve Said NO

  1. So Chelsea up there won’t be shopping at A&F because they’ve dared to poke fun at someone with millions of Twitter followers. Meaning she apparently kept shopping at A&F through the years of their openly-stated “no uglies, no fatties” policy.

    Way to take a stand on bullying, kiddo.

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    • And don’t forget women wearing hijabs.

      How A&F manages to stay in business with things like thongs for 4 year olds and push up bras for 7 year olds, not to mention racism.

      As for Swift – please, people, she might be popular now but ten and twenty years down the road no one will care. She does not have the staying power of people like Gloria Gaynor, Donna Summer, Karen Carpender, Mama Cass, The Andrew Sisters, or of course the more modern discovery, Susan Boyle. These non-autotuned divas didn’t need to date and dump men for inspiration for catchy but quickly forgotten crappy tunes.

      And as someone who’s been bullied her whole life, still is bullied, has a friend who was even more severely bullied, the “Swifties” can all just STFU as they don’t know what real bullying is.

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  2. Your bullying comment is akin to the TN official who told a resident, during a public meeting, that complaining about water quality could be considered “an act of terrorism.”

    Words do indeed start to lose meaning if they are thrown around lightly.

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  3. I’m actually impressed they held out until 86 signatures. Usually when it’s TV it only takes, like 3 letters to get the plug pulled on something. Also I’d bet the bigger threat was Taylor “Millions in the Bank” Swift suing them into oblivion for making money off her likeness without offering a cut. I’ll bet the petition just gives them an easy out.

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  4. After the recent years’ fallout the company has experienced, I wouldn’t be shocked if the 86 people are their entire customer base.

    I also wonder how many of those signatures were made by one person with multiple accounts… ;)

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  5. A to the f****ing Men. I am so sick of this nanny culture. I have so much I could say, but I shan’t. This society…okay, I said I shan’t, but damn!! Just disgusted with some people.

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  6. Why does anyone care how many boyfriends “TS” has had enough to make a t-shirt referencing it? Wonder why there’s not a similar one for men which talks about how many girlfriends John Mayer has had, or any other manslut, for that matter?

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