14 thoughts on “Cringer

      • You’re the cat lady; I’ll take your word for it!

        I must admit…I have a deficiency in my knowledge of 80’s cheezy animation. I blame D&D and Death Metal for that. And my extended virginity.

        • Actually I’m more of a dog person. But I was a big He-Man fan as a kid. Couldn’t get much into his twin sister, She-Ra. I was a weird little girl. I often used my Barbie to play my own version of Attack Of The 50 Foot Woman with my GI Joes.

          • To make it easier on you, DS, I was a tomboy in touch with her feminine side. I had Barbies and GI Joes – Barbie being much, much larger than Joe I’d pretend she was the victim of a Cobra experiment that made her grow into a giant and sent to “attack” the Joes.

            I realize now my original post was a bit rambling. Life has been stressful since my manager retired at work and my brain’s broken from all the craziness of being leaderless at work.

            The mixing toys thing didn’t always work out well. Cabbage Patch Kids and Hotwheels don’t mix.

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