I’ll be out of town for the next 4 days, getting some much-needed R+R. Maybe I’ll post some, maybe I won’t. That’s what vacation’s all about. Do as you please.
Here’s the first picture. Only a Sith deals in absolutes, and I absolutely need some color on these legs!

Palm Springs, here I come!

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6 thoughts on “I’M ON VACATION!

  1. I drove thru Palm Springs for the first time last year; I was delivering my beloved Mustang to my daughter for her 18th birthday. Hopped on I-10, which runs 1/2 mile from my house, and headed west. Palm Springs must be hot as hell because they had big fuccen fans blowing everywhere trying to cool the place down. Must be nice to have money like that. I’d like to put a huge ass window-unit in Mississippi. And have the ass end blowing the hot air into Louisiana.
    What were we talking about?

      • Oh man, Palm Springs is awesome!

        There’s a few places you have to eat – two of them are cash only though. Bill’s Pizza and Tyler’s. Those are the cash only places. Then there’s Sherman’s and if you want a fancy dinner (must make reservations and prepared to drop a lot) Shame On The Moon.

        And there’s some awesome thrift stores. My favorite being Nu 4 You. But also Angel’s and Revivals. The one for the Eisenhower hospital is pretty good but not as good as the others. I’ve found a ton of old sheet music in the Revivals that’s next door to Dollar Tree. That and Nu 4 You aren’t in Palm Springs itself but near it.

        If you want any jewelry or a music box there’s the Music Box & Clock Shoppe in La Plaza – same place Bill’s & Tyler’s are. Yes it’s expensive but it’s awesome and the owners are total sweethearts.

        And I recently found out there’s fishing there too. I have to look it up again as I’d love to try. I’m used to only fishing in the High Sierras. (Trying to get into ocean fishing since I live near the beach.)

  2. So I was watering my tomato plants (I’m getting in practice for when MS legalizes other vegetation). Went to water them because they were wilting in the obscene heat here, and out runs the fattest gecko I ever saw. His belly was so fat his legs were comically paddling trying to propel his pendulous body. Which is fine; I have a cutter worm infestation which I assume he was giving me an organic assist with. He must have eaten every damn one. He hauls ass straight broadside into my shoe. Mind you, I’m wearing my Pantera jammy bottoms; loose and baggy. I assumed he bumped into my shoe, went around, and into the shrubbery. Paid no more mind.

    Except he apparently got on top of my shoe. When I went to go back inside, up my bare leg he went. And onward into my boxers.

    I was trying not to crush the little bastard but then he reached Sub-Tropic Zone, just below my Equator, as it were. I did a Hitler jig and fished him out. Dumped his stunned but intact ass back into the tomatoes. Went inside. Sat down.
    Then I felt the severed tail writhing, like Glenn Beck’s tine prehensile penis, in my Danger Zone. Stripped in front of my dog, who stood there looking at me like this:

    That was my vacation. No Palm Springs.

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