We’ve already been over this

And my advice remains the same: You Republican dudes need to stop talking about rape. You’re not qualified. You sound like idiots. You’re losing half the population with this rhetoric.
The choice is yours. I know you’re not big fans of choice, but here we are.

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14 thoughts on “We’ve already been over this

  1. Require all voters to produce two forms of photo ID to vote for a presidential candidate who wouldn’t produce his tax returns?

    No, wait, I know…have a Looks/Acts Like Senator Joe McCarthy contest! My money’s on Ted Cruz…kid’s a natural…

    • Romney released the tax returns he was required to by law. What he wasn’t willing to do was release all his tax returns from the time he was a zygote, the better to let every Democrat weasel operative trying to find something that could be twisted against him. But let’s not let facts get in the way, right? Besides it’s not like the Democrat candidate was ever reluctant to release documents upon request…

  2. OK I’ll do it to myself…

    I Like Turtles.

    Over rice. With a little dry sherry poured over it. A Gulf Coast delicacy. Mmmm.

    Creole Turtle Soup Recipe

    1 Cup Unsalted Butter
    1/2 Cup All Purpose Flour

    4 Tbsp Usalted Butter
    1 lb Turtle Meat Cut into 1/2 inch cubes
    1 1/2 Cup Onion, Finely Diced
    1 Cup Celery, Finely Diced
    1/4 Cup Green Onion, Finely Sliced
    2 tsp Garlic, Minced
    2 Fresh Bay Leaves
    1 1/2 Cup Fresh Tomato, Diced
    1 Qt Beef Stock
    1 Pinch Cayenne
    1 Pinch Ground Allspice
    2 Tbsp Fresh Thyme Leaves
    1 Tbsp Fresh Marjoram, Chopped
    Salt and Black Pepper to taste
    1/4 Cup Fresh Lemon Juice
    4 Tbsp Worcestershire Sauce
    3 Tbsp Sherry
    3 Hard Boiled Eggs, Whites diced, Yolks Riced
    Lemon Slices
    5 tsp Italian Pasley, Finely Chopped

    Melt the 1 Cup of Butter in a heavy bottomed saucepan, whisk in the flour, cook to make a peanut butter colored Roux. Set aside. For more on making a Roux, click here.
    In a large saucepan or dutch oven, melt the 4 Tbsp of Unalted Butter over medium-high heat, add the diced Turtle Meat and saute until nicely browned.
    Lower the heat to medium, add both types of onions, the celery, and garlic. Season with salt and black pepper. Saute until the vegetables are tender.
    Add the tomatoes, season with a little salt so they will break down, cook for 10 minutes.
    Add the Beef Stock, Worcestershire, Cayenne, Allspice, and Bay Leaves. Bring to a boil, then down to a simmer. Simmer for 20-30 minutes, stirring occasionally and skimming off any impurities that may rise to the surface.
    Whisk in the Roux, simmer until thickened and smooth. Add the Thyme, and Marjoram, simmer for 15-20 minutes more.
    Add the Lemon Juice, 3 tsp of the Parsley, and the riced Egg Yolk, heat through.
    Serve garnished with Lemon Slices, Diced Egg Whites, and Parsley. Add the Sherry at the table, about 1-2 tsp per bowl.

    Serves 4-6

    What were we talking about…?

  3. Women are just as likely to get pregnant following rape as from unprotected consensual sex. Also, while I suppose it’s not really the point, it sounds like this amendment is dealing exclusively with abortions past the 5 month (20 week) mark. Although the age of fetus viability is conventionally considered to be 24 weeks, even that number is shrinking as medicine continues to advance. It sounds like this amendment was pushing for exceptions that would allow abortions for rape and incest cases that had already reached the third-trimester. Although I am anti-rape and am generally pro-choice, abortion past that point in fetal development is not the most humane option.

  4. I know we don’t want to interject logic into these kinds of debates, but the amendment is to allow abortions AFTER 20 weeks for victims of rape. Wouldn’t it seem reasonable that rape victims would have already reported the assault before then and could have an abortion long before 20 weeks (when it’s actually safer medically)?

    That having been said, I don’t know why he’s even talking about the low rate of pregnancy from rape when simply discussing that 20 weeks seems long enough to report a sexual assault and decide what you want to do with the resulting fetus would make more sense.

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