3 thoughts on “Barry’s Weather Machine Wins Again!

  1. Couldn’t have had anything to do with being an uninspiring candidate, right? Or failing to distinguish why you WOULD be a good candidate instead of only focusing on the sucking vortex of the Obama presidency (remember “Bush sucks” didn’t get Kerry elected either). And the best part is after running two consecutive wishy-washy moderates that failed to excite real conservatives, the GOP thinks the problem is they haven’t picked moderate ENOUGH candidates. Because I know what gets liberals AND conservatives down to the polls to vote for a Republican is a candidate who’s ‘Democrat Lite’. Morons.

    …and yes this is also insensitive to the people affected by Sandy. BTW, that help that was promised the week after is still pretty slow in getting there, so maybe the problem is FEMA isn’t good at their jobs, not who’s President, just sayin’.

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