8 thoughts on “WORST GIFT EVER

        • Go to Google.com.

          Type in “I peed in a horse once”. I used to type this phrase into the comment section of any website I’d visit that allowed anyone to make comments.

          You will notice that Google auto-finishes the sentence after a few characters…I’ve been busy.

          This is a partial metaphysical trail of breadcrumbs of places my ADD has taken me over the years. One of my favorites is this web page I didn’t actually visit, where a couple of English Idiom scholars puzzle over a strange phrase. One of them asks:

          What does this idiom mean: ‘I peed in a horse once’? i just read this expression in a comment section while reading an article about a korean man who married to a pillow.this article is in metro uk on march 9, if i’m right. anyhow, i checked this sentence on google. i found many of them but couldn’t find what it meant…”

          A professor in the UK eventually responds:

          The literal translation, which I’m sure you already grasped, is “On one occasion I urinated in a horse”. Baffling! Mystery! (And possibly illegal!)

          As far as your question “When to use it?” is concerned, I have one piece of advice. DON’T. Pretend you never read it…”


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