10 thoughts on “I’d like to buy you a vowel

  1. Welcome to Wales, home of the language with only three vowels, none of which are actually pronounced like vowels. I know; I tried to teach myself Welsh Gaelic. Not. Possible.

    • Cymraeg contains 7 vowels, just not the same as English, Ive been to Llanfair PG which is what its actually known as and all thats there to see is the mane on the sign, which is exactly why its there! When tourists started visiting Angelsey or Yns Mon, the village wasnt getting many of them as it lacked any reason for them to stop, so the local worthies decided to make the name of their little village a reason! Its just a long explanation of which Church of St Mary it is, Llan = church, Fair(Mair)= Mary, there are lots of different variations on Llan something in Wales.
      Llanpumpsant is my personal fav,Church of the 5 Saints.

  2. Or as Bob Harris put it in Who Hates Whom , “…you are about to mispronounce it badly. Really. The Welsh alphabet doesn’t care what you think.”

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