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  1. The gentlemanly thing to do is hold an umbrella for a woman. I wish everyone would stop criticizing that Marine at the press conference for just being a gentleman…

          • Meh, I’m blaming that one on a combination of being too lazy to proofread and it being a pain in the butt to comment on the site on the iPhone.

            OK, I’ll take a little less lowbrow shot: Who held the umbrella for the teleprompter?

          • You’re slacking, branch. It took you two days to drop a weak “teleprompter” jab in there.
            You’re a smart guy, though. What happened? Since when did your brain get taken over by a comments section at WorldNetDaily?

          • It’s the Bizzaro World we’ve been living in since the AP and IRS scandals broke. Suddenly even MSNBC won’t carry water for the administration an I’ve lost my fastball. Or it’s that I’m not too worked up over this particular issue in the first place, but I do love how Palin makes every liberal irrationally angry and causes them to drop their politically correct facade and start calling her whatever vile words come to mind, the same words and thoughts they accuse Republicans of having all the time. Truth be told Palin wouldn’t be my first choice for President, but I would choose her over Obama. However I’d take a potted plant over Obama, so that’s not saying much.

          • Branch is right about the scandals.

            Lying about fictitious weapons of mass destruction in order to sell a war that costs thousands of young American lives and costing ten-fold that number their limbs that also ballooned the very deficit Conservatives profess to hating so much…

            Well, garsh…that PALES in comparison to fumbling by a couple of bureaucratic lifers in an understaffed IRS backwater office tasked with sorting out phony campaign money troughs masquerading as “social charities” as a result of the Citizens United case that dropped the iron curtain on corporate campaign cash tsunamis.

            You see, it’s just not the same thing.

          • I’m just curious, do you understand the difference between lying and being incorrect about something? Because they actually aren’t the same, despite this decade long drumbeat about the weapons of mass-destruction. Yes, they did say that all intelligence pointed to them being there. No, we did not find any. That doesn’t mean they lied. I seem to remember everyone including former President Clinton saying they would be there, and I’m fairly certain he was privy to a lot of the documents during his time that Bush saw when making the decision to go to war. But I’ll say the most obvious point that the Bush administration WASN’T lying is this, if you were lying about it, and KNEW you were lying about it, why wouldn’t you go the extra mile and stage up a finding of weapons of mass-destruction about 6 months after the war to prove your point? If you’re being as dishonest as you seem to think they were, why half-ass it? Seems kind of stupid to me.

            As for the IRS, yeah, what’s the big deal using government beaurocracy to intimidate political action groups? As long as it’s groups you oppose right? I’m sure if the Bush IRS had ordered Media Matters or one of the other hack leftist groups audited for political purposes, you’d have shrugged your shoulders. And hey, letting ambassadors die overseas and then lying about why the embassy was attacked and how you knew beforehand a problem was coming and did nothing about it, no biggie. As long as you’re pushing ‘transformative change’ the ends justify the means. I just hope I live long enough to see the people licking the boots of this administration realize just how much damage is being done. Enjoy freedom, because when the left finally gets the government they want in place, it won’t exist. You can’t have big government and freedom co-exist, it just doesn’t work.

          • Two things, Branchie:

            1. I’d like to burn “do you understand the difference between lying and being incorrect about something?” into a piece of barnwood and give it to you as a gift for your mantle. The irony of a Fox Echo saying this flies high over your head, like a drone.

            2. This is the point in a thread that devolves into a pointless argument mosh pit where I post the following, which I now do to myself:

            I LIKE TURTLES

          • Turtles are a socialist conspiracy! They caused 9/11! Open your eyes to the truth that the lamestream media is keeping hidden from you!

          • Deny the truth all you want, but the government’s never given an acceptable explanation as to where Gamera was on 9/11. Steel doesn’t melt like that. Only the claws of a 60 foot radioactive turtle could cause the buildings to fall down that way.

  2. Apparently it’s now a big deal that Obama had a Marine hold an umbrella for him. There’s a Marine bylaw that forbids men from holding umbrellas, but not women.

    Obama violated a Marine bylaw on umbrellas.

  3. Obama has shotguns for nipples.

    Obama can throw a boiled egg into orbit.

    Obama downloads blood from iTunes.

    Obama drives a ’57 Plymouth covered in dolphin cocks.

    Obama’s blood type is bacon.

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