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  1. I always scratch my head at people who think religion and and science have to be mutually exclusive, from both sides of the coin. In the creation story in the Bible it says, “And God said, Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life, and fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven.” (Genesis 1:20) Hmmm… water brings forth life and moving creatures, including birds. Sounds kinda like evolution, no? And who says God’s “day” is 24 hours long? He’s God. His day could be a million years. (For what it’s worth, BYU teaches evolution. Real evolution, not the “science” on this quiz.)

    • Ok, I think it is a little of stretch to say verse 20 is talking about evolution when later man is created and not from apes or any other form of evolution. As to the 24 hour thing, although it says in “With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day.” at the end of every day of creation in Genesis it says “And the EVENING and the MORNING were the fourth day.” So I don’t know how it can be any clearer that each day was an actual day and not millions or billions of years.

      • Hey, don’t normally comment (instead I creep) but just have to say: the word in Hebrew that ‘day’ is translated from has two meanings, the first being day and the second being figurative for a set space of time which could include a couple of days or thousands. It is odd (to me at least) to say it the words in Genesis meant a day when in the earlier translations words themselves have a wider range of temporal meaning. Just saying. That isn’t conjecture, it is easily provable by translation studies and is freely available information both on the internet and through academic papers. Do with it what you will but to take something that has slightly different meanings from the way earlier versions of the text as literal is both unscientific and possibly against the original intent of the text itself. I say this as a Christian, who is also studying for an MSc in genetics and evolution, so I not hugely polarised either way. But come on, I wish people would actually take into consideration when arguing over the linguistics of the bible it is in the end just a translation that has been edited and changed for thousands of years.

        Wow, I am a lot more fun when I don’t talk.

    • …ok, i’m sure people will take this the wrong way…I was raised with a bible background so I kinda know where they are going with question. Now you can read the bible and decide not to believe the religious aspects of the book. But the history portion can be backed up. The people in the bible did exist and have been proven by historians. There was a King David, There was a King Herod, There was a sodom and Gomorrah and the remains do show fire damage. So although we were not physically there we can prove that HISTORICALLY the bible is true.

        • You Idiot that is what I just said. The parts that can be proven by history have been proven true. Which basically is only the existence of people and places. Whether or not Sodom and gormorrah was destroyed by fire from heaven or from a regular fire can be debated. But my point is historically the bible the true. Whether you think that Religiously the bible is true is up to you.

          • The Bible is NOT true! You have stated twice now that the Bible is true! And you call ME an idiot!?

      • to a point. But no…historically the genesis stories are not true. They are the conjectures of Iron Age nomads trying to make sense of the natural world as they lived in it and were not a blow by blow account of things actually happening.

      • A thousand years from now, people you are going to be saying that since Kings’ Cross station was real and there are castles in Scotland, all the magic in Harry Potter obviously *must* be true.

      • Yes, there was a King David and a King Herod. BUT Jesus did not exist outside of the bible. There’s no proof whatsoever, outside of the bible, that Herod committed mass genocide of children. None.

        There still is no proof that Sodom and Gommorah actually existed. Archaeologists have uncovered multiple sites in the region but still have no definative answer. But xtians see a bone and they run with it (how many “Noah’s Ark” sites have been found?). They think it might be, but might doesn’t make it fact.

        • Actually, they do have evidence of the destruction of Sodom and Gommorah, however the evidence points to an asteroid being the ‘fire from the sky’. They even found a starchart from the time made by some Sumerians that pinpointed the exact date based on the positions of the stars they recorded. I think it was on the History Channel (or one of its cousins). Really, the more they dig, the more they find that the events described in the Bible have a lot of scientific basis (some kind of global flood in the past, the Ten Plauges, etc.) but whether they happened exactly when and how the Bible describes is a matter or faith. After all, while the Torah is much older, the New Testament wasn’t codified until the 4th century and then was subject to much politicking about what was put in and what was left out.

  2. I am married to a Christian and have a pastor for a father in law, so have heard my fair share of religious debates! My in laws are blinkered, psycho Christians and hey, that’s their thing. But when they come into MY home and start praying and asking God for protection (was it the severed goat’s head on the front door, do you think?) I get a bit pissy with the whole religious deal. So, when I hear people saying the Bible is ‘true’ and that evolution is a myth or story, I get annoyed too.

    My mother in law tried telling MY kids that dinosaurs did not ever exist and that all the bones and fossils were fake, made up by scientists. I thought she was joking, to my horror, she wasn’t!

    And all the “facts” that have come to light about the Bible? Who discovered them to be historically (allegedly) true? Scientists!
    So, why would they make up dinosaurs and evolution?

    • Ok, Idk your In Laws but what they are teaching isn’t even biblical. Because Dinosaurs are in the bible. Soooooo you might want to have your In Laws “tested.”
      As for the prayer thing…it’s called tolerance. You know the thing that we say Christians need to get for gays, etc? Don’t be a hypocrite

      • LOL! Yes, I have to use tolerance in dealing with them all the time and dipshits like you too it seems! I have ‘tolerated’ their crap for 17 years and I would have loved to have them committed, I mean, tested many times over that period.

        How exactly is it I am a hypocrite? They have shown me NO tolerance over the years, just because I am not Christian, or go to church or read the Bible every day. So how am I the hypocrite?

        They told everyone in their church and their town that I was a “woman of the world”, a witch, a devil worshipper and many other lovely things. My FIL asked me one day if my black cat was a previous boyfriend. I have been accused of all sorts of shit by them, so tell me HOW am I the hypocrite???

          • Oh, I think if a girl can turn an old boyfriend into a cat, a little nad-swap would be nothing.

          • My reply to him at the time was “Wow! I’m a better witch than I thought! I turned a man into a female black cat!”

            And on our wedding day, I had my sister-in-law ask if it was okay to bring her kids to the wedding (we had it in a park) we of course said yes, why? Because the FIL and MIL had told her we were probably going to have some kind of pagan/satanic ritual, so may not want to bring the kids. I mean, WTF!??

            As it was, we got the first sunny day after a fortnight of rain for the wedding, my Dad joked on the way there that they’ll think we sacrificed a goat for the good weather! LOL! Should have told them we did!

        • Just remember faith has nothing to do with a church. Churches are filled with lying, thieving, black hearts – and that’s just behind the pulpit.

          • I can’t decide if you’re trolling here… or have never actually set foot in a church. Either way, I decided to come of out my comfortable spot in the corner to say simply this:

            My mom is a member of a church (Lutheran to be specific), and she is not a thief, a liar, or black of heart. She delivers food to the elderly for meals on wheels, raises money to buy and send mosquito nets to Africa in an effort to eradicate malaria, and spends time with refugee children at a church community center to help tutor them in their school work.

            So basically, I agree that one can have faith without being part of a church… but not every church (and by extension its members) is a fear-mongering hate machine hell-bent on hurtling the world toward some assumed “Armageddon.”

            So maybe you should go back and get “deprogrammed” again… sounds like the first time didn’t take.

          • while not every pastor is as you say, the pastor of the church I grew up in was recently sentenced to 12 years in federal prison for transporting a minor across state lines (two different states, three occasions that he admitted to) for the purpose of sex. he also had sex with her in his office during a youth conference the church was hosting. oh, and to top it all off, he was counseling her for previous sexual abuse that she had suffered as a younger teenager. God bless America. Let freedom ring.

      • Why do I have to ‘tolerate’ wacky beliefs being expressed inside my own home? What if their beliefs included, oh, I dunno, ritual rape of the firstborn child in the household every time they come over? Do we all also have to tolerate that or be labeled a hypocrite by you?

        You know, the ‘tolerance’ of gay people does not equate. First of all, religion is a choice, gay is not. Another thing, my gay friends have never come over to my house and blown each other in front of my kids. They, like most humans do, tend to keep that part of their life private, unlike a lot of Christians, who frequently try to force their religious beliefs on other people.

    • I had someone actually argue that Noah could get 2 of every animal on the ark because “God” shrank them down to action figure size,and that they all ate plants so the carnivores wouldn’t eat the herbivores (how either of them lived AFTER salt water choked plant life for 40 days and nights was never explained)….and they were absolutely serious.

  3. I don’t remember ever having this subject even come up at all the entire time I attended an elementary Christian school in the 1980’s. I have a kid in 4th grade now at public school, and they haven’t done any dinosaur subjects or covered even the most basic evolution studies. This, whatever it is – can’t really use the word “school”, is going completely out of it’s way to make a point that doesn’t need to be made at this age. The entire “test” is nothing but indoctrination. Hopefully they don’t spend the entire day “learning” their church is the only institution that’s “right” and everyone else is “wrong”. Where the heck did this come from, anyway?

  4. I would just like to point out that not all believers are like this. My father is both a Christian and has a PhD in chemistry – his specialty is making fossil fuels environmentally sound. He believes both in God and science.

    People on both sides really need to read The Great Partnership by Rabbi Johnathan Sacks. Maybe they’d both be more open minded and see we need both faith and science in our lives and we’ll never again see moronic “tests” like this.

    • I think that at this point, everyone and their dog knows that not all (in fact, I’d say “not most”) believers are like this.

      I never knew anyone younger than 45 to be religious Christians til I met some American friends (I’m Canadian – there are plenty of Christians here but the ‘practicing’ kind are all middle-aged or older) online – my age, early-to-mid-20s – and was baffled by the experience. However, within a few conversations, I realized they were totally normal, and were very, “Jesus loves EVERYONE, regardless, what the hell is wrong with these fundamentalist, bigoted psychos?”

      Basically, they opened my eyes to the fact that all sensible people just have their beliefs because they make them happy. I can’t get my head around believing in such things, but so long as they’re believing it just to pacify themselves and enrich their own lives, rather than citing outdated (and undoubtedly either straight-up-false, or just sorely-misinterpreted) biblical verse to infringe on the lives of others, I think it’s a fabulous thing. Just one I can’t comprehend. I think that most people who are non-believers are of this mindset.

      Like the majority of believers are normal, non-assholes, the same goes for atheists – the occasional asshole is the loud, outspoken jerk that does not represent us all, just like homophobic, sexist,Westboro-Baptist, Duggar-Quiverfull-movement-following crazies are the loudest of the Christians, but by no means the majority.

      (Sidenote: all my grandparents, great-aunts, and great-uncles – all 80 years old or above – are hard-core Catholic. When I was 15, I wrote a letter to the largest news publication in the province pertaining to gay marriage and why I thought the opposition was absurd and downright inhumane – and this was near decade ago, I’m 24 now – and they were just so pleased in my writing abilities, as well as my ability to form my own thoughts regardless of the views I was brought up to learn, that they showed it to everyone they knew, even if they didn’t agree with me. This is the sort of Christian I grew up with – loving and understanding, no matter what, and I respect them greatly for it.

  5. Forget evolution: I really wish this 4th grade science teacher would share with the world all this data that contradicts everything we know about astronomy, geology and physics. There’s gotta be a Nobel prize in store for such a feat.

  6. I’m a Christian, believe in science, and no, I’m not a Christian Scientist. I just believe there is room in life for both faith and scientific proof. I trust every day that my house won’t immediately fall down around me because of the science that has gone into it engineering it. But you better believe that if another quake hits us like Loma Prieta did, I’ll be praying.

    What most of us object to (let me finish) are the membership requirements of organized religion, which is nothing more than a club. We’ve seen what happens; if you don’t like the rules in this one, join another one. If you don’t like those, then make up your own.

    And while we’re at it, consider this: many religions rely on the King James version of the bible; talk about your vanity press. Check your history re King James, then remember that history always favors the historian.

  7. Parts of the Bible are historically true. Parts of The Iliad and Odysseus too. And yet I don’t hear about many schools teaching children a prayer to Zeus, Aphrodite or Poseidon.

    • Another thing about the Iliad and the Odyssey is that many of the descriptions of artefacts (eg weapons, shields, city walls) have been backed up by archaeology. The flood story (Noah in the Bible) is Sumerian in origin, a similar story is found in the Epic of Gilagamesh which predates any written version of the Bible.

      Stories passed down orally have been proven to be surprisingly accurate in details, but at the end of the day, they are just stories, just like Harry Potter stories are correct in details but are just stories.

  8. The thing bout all this is, that when you sit down and actually study what we now know about the history or the science that the Bible had an early attempt at portraying, it’s so much more interesting and amazing.

    For example: King Herod. Fascinating character, from a political family operating in a brutal World. He was hated by the Jews for being mixed race, half Jewish. He is so much more intriguing than the 2Dimensional monster in the Bible.

  9. Wow. Nothing gets the blood pumping and the words flying like a little science vs. religion debate, eh? 40 comments on this thing in 1 day…….where most others have like 2-12.

    For the record, I wouldn’t accuse ultra religious evangelical Christians of being anti-science anymore than I would accuse some left wing nut of being anti-science because he doesn’t want to immunize his kids.

  10. @sooperacorn, if I meant your mother I would have called her out by name. The point is there are too many people stealing in the name of the Lord and an equal number who believe they can sin six days a week and repent on Sunday. If you immediately thought of your mother, don’t blame it on me.

  11. I just thought I would take this moment to thank my parents for raising me in a moderate Christian home. I grew up to have faith in God and to love others as yourself. Both of my parents have a spectacular WTF face which they seem to reserve for crazy stuff like this.

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