How many of you feel good about her prospects as a mother? Any mother who’s so worried about pregnancy weight that she’ll consider going on a liquid diet… might not have the child’s best interests in mind. Just a thought.

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19 thoughts on ““Again?”

    • You do know that InTouch is not a reliable source of information and she shouldn’t be judged based on something a magazine says unless you heard it directly from her, right?

      • What makes you think it’s false? Has Kim demonstrated huge reservoirs of common sense and integrity in the past? Qualities that would lead you to believe she’d never say or do anything as stupid as this?

  1. I usually love all winningateverything posts but this one is laaaame. Boo.
    And also making fun of a pregnant woman’s weight gain = not winning at anything.

    • Bronc wasn’t making fun of her weight gain, but her ridiculous reaction to gaining 6 pounds! It’s almost as if the dumbass thinks the baby will find it’s own nutrients, that she doesn’t need to do anything except freak out about gaining weight!

      I wish these women would realise that weight gain during pregnancy is NORMAL and necessary! And “I’ll never be sexy again!” PUH-LEEEESE!The vanity of these type of women is staggering!

  2. I’m a lover of WaE, but I can’t agree with this post. The Sun and other rags always make up sensational stories, as we all know. Kim herself has said that she finds her pregnant body ‘sexy’ (http://www.entertainmentwise.com/news/109546/Kim-Kardashian-Reveals-Kanye-West-Loves-And-Embraces-Her-Sexy-Pregnant-Body), which is pretty obvious by all the form-fitting things she wears.

    I don’t necessarily like Kim (I’ve never seen any of their shows), but the bashing of her is getting out of control. If anything, this post should be about how crazy it is that magazines call a pregnant woman fat.

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