19 thoughts on “Someone has a hidden agenda

    • Because the job market is in such wonderful shape that no one actually qualified in psych could possibly be working at McD’s because the rent needs to be paid somehow.

      Also, fighting an eating disorder of your own teaches you a hell of a lot. She may be speaking from firsthand experience.

  1. You can’t deny that what she says is true no matter where she works though. There’s lots of reasons other than just over eating a person could be overweight. My mom had a friend who weighed over 400 pounds. Could not lose weight. Turns out she had a tumor wrapped around her thyroid.

    There’s medications that make people fat. Allergies can make people fat. (Inflammation from allergies can slow your metabolism.) For women there’s Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Thyroid problems.

    And there’s emotional problems too. I know my own obesity is a combo of the PCOS, emotional problems from being bullied & sexually assaulted when I was younger, and inflammation due to allergies. And having people constantly put me down and treat me like crap because I’m not thin doesn’t help. It doesn’t inspire me to lose weight. It just makes me feel more depressed, more hopeless, and I turn to food as a crutch.

    So yeah, she has a point.

    And who knows, maybe she’s working at McDonald’s to put herself through college so she can become a psychologist and help people with eating disorders of all types when she graduates.

  2. I think she’s incredibly well spoken! Pro ana images are awful and encourage poor nutrition habits, I’d even be willing to say that they’re worse than McDonalds.

  3. Whats so funny? Binge eating is a real disorder. It is serious. I’ve had it and still suffer from it. Her argument is valid.
    And so what if she works at mcdonalds?
    I work at mcdonalds and so do a lot of my friends.
    The bills need to be paid. There was no other places hiring around my area so thats why i work there. Or should i just have no job and use my parents to get whatever i want, just so i dont get made fun of for working at mcdonalds?

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