14 thoughts on “One Less Lonely Girl

    • “Sure it’s a tragedy that she had to hide from the Nazis for so long, and could never go outside. And yes it’s sad that she got sent to a concentration camp anyway. And of course it’s a bummer that she caught typhus and died at the age of 15.
      But the REAL tragedy here is that Anne Frank was never able to buy any of my records.”

    • This. It’s one thing to read the early parts of her diary and note that Anne was a typical kid, a little boy-crazy, and not unlike a lot of Beliebers or Directioners or whatever the hell fangirls are calling themselves. When the only thing you have to say after touring the Anne Frank House is “this chick totally would’ve loved me”, you cross over into self-obsessed jackass territory.

  1. So glad I’m a Barry Manilow fan. You know, besides the fact he’s far more talented than Justin. He also wouldn’t be so self absorbed as to say this crap.

    As for Justin, if he had been my kid I would’ve spanked him for a lot of the stupid things he’s done, famous or not, and gotten him some voice lessons.

  2. While I am jaw-droppingly stunned at the level of narcissism that Bieber expressed, I am equally floored at the moron who doesn’t know the difference between Anne Frank and Helen Keller (Not Helen Killer).

  3. And even more shocking that it was brought up 10 comments in, because that’s so incredibly boneheaded! I accept and pretty much expect that celebrities will act like maladjusted, horribly disrespectful, self-obsessed sociopaths, but how bad is our educational system (at school *and* at home) that it cranks out people who don’t know the difference between a German-born teenage Holocaust victim and a deaf/blind American political activist?

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