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      • I’m under the impression, based on her comments in various places, that Nikki may be a prostitute. As a non-Jesus-lover myself, I’d like to say that at least Jesus wasn’t known for being too strong with the pimp hand.

    • I daren’t look her up because I’d be too inclined to send her messages how she needs to get out and get help. Or do the world a favor and kill him before he kills her.

      But since these pictures are out there and public – because nothing shared on the internet is private – couldn’t someone find out the town she lives in and send the pictures to the police? Perhaps even post her Twitter feed and the picture to places like the local Craigslist? Anything to make it public knowledge to everyone where she lives that she’s a battered and brainwashed woman who desperately needs someone to help her. As well as warn everyone, including his employers/potential employers that he’s an abuser and not safe to hire.

        • Or tell mommy to step up. I know I never would’ve left the abusive relationship I was in if not for my mom. Because my self esteem was so low due to being bullied all my life and sexually assaulted when I was in jr. high (and still is very low) I was so grateful to have a boyfriend it didn’t matter to me that he was abusing me, cheating on me, and doing drugs. All that mattered was that I was “proving the bullies wrong” and that I wasn’t going to die a virgin.

          Then mom saw the bruises and helped me see I needed to get out to save my own life.

      • Post it to Anonymous’s website. I bet they’d root out this shithead and figure out all of his personal info. They had a big hand in blowing the Steubenville rape case open when no mainstream news outlets even gave a shit.

  1. No, Nicki… you *ain’t* shit (yo), so maybe you shouldn’t treat yourself as such by willingly bobbing around in a half-digested-corn-infested cesspool of public sexual humiliation and goddamned domestic abuse, thinking you’re somehow lucky in this situation because you “have a man.” No, you have a self-entitled bully of a little boy with no respect for you and no self-control.

    …Jesus, people are depressing.

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