Allow me to translate:

“Here, look at this sex tape of me naked and getting plowed by Ray J.
Don’t I look hot?

Here, look at these pictures of me wearing a $50,000 dress on the red carpet!
Don’t I look hot?

Here’s a pictorial showing off my ‘rockin’ bikini bod!’
Don’t I look hot?

Ohh, now I’m pregnant and have gained a little weight.

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5 thoughts on “Allow me to translate:

  1. So sick of this stupid woman and her stupid assed family! I could not give a flying fuck about her “issues” with being called fat. BOO FUCKING HOO Kim “I have millions to weep into” Kardashian! Fuck I hate these kind of people!

    As you say Bronc, no “issues” when she was performing in a sex video, or wearing ridiculously expensive dresses ONCE for people to ogle her in, but suddenly she has “issues” because she’s pregnant? And sticking to a strict diet while pregnant? And fuck Kanye “I’m a massive douchecanoe” West – wear fucking maternity clothes for fuck’s sake! YOU ARE PREGNANT! THAT IS WHAT THEY ARE FOR! JESUS!

    Sorry, but I get so fucking annoyed by this shit, I really do!

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