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  1. If this is okay, they deserve to be “terrorized.”

    “The internet lynch mob did damage to their own stated goal of helping the victim by putting her in an international spotlight that only served to humiliate her.”

    You know what’s humiliating? Being raped and having it justified because you live in a FOOTBALL town. I’m too pissy to try to make this comment funny.

  2. You know what’s really difficult to watch? Rape. Not two boys who actually have to take responsibility for what they’ve done. Bravo US justice system for making the right call on a rape case and not victim blaming.

  3. I don’t get it. There is photographic, video, and text based evidence. It’s not like she lied. It clearly happened. I personally think falsely reporting rape should be punished as harshly as the crime itself. I just don’t understand how any women, short of these guys mothers, could feel any ounce of sympathy for them. I suppose that just explains why it was so easy to subjugate us for so long. I’m pretty well disgusted.

    • Some people want to claim she consented to it. Others say she deserved to be raped because she was so drunk.

      I say that it’s time to stop worshiping sports players like they’re demi-gods who can’t do any wrong. Teens or no, they’re rapists and all rapists deserve to have their penises cut off with rusty knives and left to bleed to death.

      • I agree with you, just because someone is a good athlete, does not make them a better person, a more worthy person or someone to revere. They are just people good at sports, some with incredibly poor judgement.

        Can anyone imagine anyone consenting to be violated sexually and have it broadcast to the world, before passing out? Nope me either.
        And “deserving” to be raped because she was so drunk is another crock of shit! The people who want to believe this shit had better quit drinking now then, because obviously, where they are from, being very drunk is an open invitation to be raped!

      • In Australia, some of the codes are trying to instill some sense of right and wrong re sexual conduct into their players. I saw a news story on some of the training they are giving them.

        At one session, the boys were shown short film of a drunk girl being harassed and raped by a guy, she was clearly shown saying no, and asking to be taken to her own home and left alone. The boys watching mostly agreed that she got what she was asking for.

        This was followed by a short film showing a drunk guy being raped by another guy with the exact same script as the first film. Well, the look on their faces was priceless, the discomfort was palpable. I think they got the point, I hope they translated it into NOT RAPING.

  4. I’d like to preface this comment with a clarification that i absolutely abhore both rape and the practice of giving athletes preferential treatment both in court and education.

    That being said, i totally can see a way she is (at least partially) at fault here. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that “unconscious” actually means “shitfaced at a party” and if one doesn’t want to be had unconscious sex with, he\she should consume responsibly.

    • I was really hoping you were going in another direction here… I was really, really hoping your preface was leading into how it really is a tragedy that two boys, with promising futures, let their egos get the best of them and made a horrifying decision that will now, justifiably, haunt them the rest of their lives. Instead, you inferred that getting shit-faced at a party is an open invitation to rape. Fabulous.

      • You sound exactly like the article in question. Nope, sorry, i don’t feel empathy for people who get adequate punishment for their transgressions.

        But it’s never easy with you people, rape is somehow off-limits for basic common sense.

        Yes, being shitfaced at a certain kind of party is, in fact, an open invitation for rape. Just as wearing expensive watch in a bad neighborhood is an open invitation for mugging. It doesn’t for a second excuse the actual crime, but to pretend as if you haven’t deliberately put yourself in a harm’s way is asinine.

        Would you advise your daughter against irresponsible drinking for this very reason or you won’t, because it’s “sexist” to think she will put herself in a harm’s way by being shitfaced at a party?

        Use your goddamn brain for this one, please.

        • No. Being shitfaced at a party is what the culture of “male desire trumps all and women are either Madonnas or whores” CONSIDERS an open invitation to rape. That culture sucks balls, and that culture is what people are up in arms about changing.

          Rather than tell our daughters to protect themselves by not engaging in the same partying behaviour that men are encouraged to do, how about telling our sons (and yes, daughters too, ’cause rape is rape no matter who’s doing it to whom) that unless your partner is awake and saying “yes”, DON’T HAVE SEX WITH THEM?

        • I got three words for that:

          If a person is passed out, it is NOT ok to fuck them.

          Don’t believe me? Ask ANY cop or judge. Ask any PRISONER.

          The judge did these guys a HUGE favor sending them to juvie. They MIGHT JUST POSSIBLY not get raped and beaten every single night.

        • Would you advise your SON the same thing? IE, don’t get shitfaced at a party in case someone rapes you? And if they do, it’s your own damn fault for leaving your asshole lying around where anyone can get their cock into it?

          Because if you don’t, then you are the one who is sexist.

        • You know who’s responsible for a rape? The rapist. THAT’S IT. I don’t care if she drank a gallon of tequila and took off her clothes, then passed out in the lap of one of these guys muttering, “I’d like to fuck you.” She was unconscious. She did not consent. That’s all that matters. A real man in this situation would make sure she got home safely, not piss on her, rape her, and drag her around naked.

        • “Yes, being shitfaced at a certain kind of party is, in fact, an open invitation for rape.”

          Nobody “invites” rape and it’s victim blaming like this that is wrong with the way people view rape with such a blase attitude. “Well, what was she doing? Was she drunk? What was she wearing? Ohhh, well, THAT’S why.” Fuck that. “Soldier killed? Was he deployed? He was on patrol and stepped on an IED? Oh, well, THAT’S why.” That’s the ridiculousness of the “you were asking for it” attitude.

          I’ve been taken advantage of at (after) a party. I wasn’t passed out drunk, I was asleep on a couch with my aunt and young nieces nearby, and another party guest molested me and woke me up. I was 17 and it shook me to the core that someone could take advantage of me while I was in a vulnerable state. If I wasn’t such a light sleeper, I’d hate to think what would have occurred. (The girls, 5 and 7 years old, also later confirmed he had touched them as they slept, probably to find me in the dark.)

          I’ve always been vigilant, but things happen that you don’t anticipate. That is when I pray for the common decency of the people around me to know and act upon what is right. I’ve pulled a girl friend out of a bad situation because someone was taking advantage of her impaired state. And never once did I think to turn to her and accuse her of bringing it upon herself. Because she is not responsible for the reprehensible and immoral actions of another.

          And rape doesn’t have to occur while blitzed out at a party. A wife gets raped by her husband within the sanctity of their marriage. A woman lets a coworker into her home, someone she knows well and trusts, and he rapes her. The wife, the co-worker, this girl and that aforementioned soldier. With an attitude like yours, they all put themselves in the situation, lacked ‘commonsense’ and lived – or died – with the consequences.

          Sad fact is, there are people out there like you who somehow find a fuzzy gray area in a non-consensual act – “If she didn’t consent yes OR no… Gray area!” And that is the saddest part of all.

    • She may have drunk to much – agreed
      (Although I don’t know why she wasn’t conscious)

      But was she (at least partially) responsible that some guys she probably knew, and probably trusted, and was socializing with and probably thought would never rape, and film an unconscious (and therefore unconsenting) woman – NO!

      I hope no one ever passes out, gets drunk or roofie around you.

  5. Everyone who’s been obsessing over a young girl being repeatedly violated sexually and scarred for the rest of the one life she has – well congratulations because as CNN points out, you’ve all now ruined what is really important in life: Running around on a grassy field in tight pants with motorcycle helmets on, chasing an oblong sac of pig flesh filled with air while morbidly obese people bellow at you from inclined banks of seating arranged in a circular fashion.

  6. These guys – these rapists – are absolutely NOT the victims here. What they did is a horrible, disgusting thing that the victim will likely never completely psychologically recover for, and they deserve *at least* the punishment doled out. HOWEVER….

    I do agree that the fact that these young men’s lives are now ruined is very, very sad. Again, let me emphasize that I don’t think they don’t deserve what is happening and will happen to them – but it is sad. It’s sad that they (and I stress that they made their own decision to do this) did throw away what could be promising futures, at least futures at living normal and productive, happy lives. They did have potentially bright futures ahead, either athletically or academically, and now that’s all gone…they did it themselves, but it is still sad. It’s sad that they grew up in a culture, in a town, that made them think that this was somehow okay, this was normal, this was something they should do. So no, I don’t think they’re the victims – I think they did a horrible thing that has permanently negatively affected the life of an innocent young woman. But the fact that they threw away their promising futures with a horribly stupid decision – likely influenced by a town and community with twisted principles and priorities that shaped the morals dozens or hundreds of other young men in the same way – is, in fact, very sad to me.

  7. I also read the article by Henry Rollins, and was impressed by his succinct take on the situation. A recommended read for sure.

    I read a comment from one of the onlookers of this horrific crime and when asked why he did nothing to stop the rape, he replied, he didn’t think it WAS rape, because it wasn’t violent. At the time I thought ‘surely, he could see that this poor girl wasn’t a willing participant in this act?’. I didn’t realise that she was unconscious! THAT should have made it even more obvious that she wasn’t a willing participant!

    And drinking too much and passing out at a party is most definitely NOT an open invitation to be raped. How many GUYS pass out from being too pissed, do they get gang raped and humiliated? No, they usually get their eyebrows shaved off (or one shaved off) or a penis drawn on their face with permanent marker, but to the best of my limited knowledge, it’s not an open invitation for everyone at the party to rape them.

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