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  1. Sucking on “Fat Tire” here and trying to figure out how to be snarky about Mother Theresa. Nope, she still made a larger contribution than I ever will.

  2. If a doctor or secular charity worker were to neglect the well being of patients, treat employees poorly and conduct their financial affairs in such an opaque fashion they would likely face jail.

    If a politician shook hands with, endorsed and kowtowed to mass murdering monsters like the Duvaliers, it would be career suicide.

    But this lady does it and she’s lauded as the shining light of our times.

    I’m Gonzo; welcome to jack-mass.

    • She spent most of her adult life in a country with horrific living conditions. Starvation, disease, poverty, and crippling overpopulation were all around her.
      Her solution? NO BIRTH CONTROL. Not just no abortions, NO BIRTH CONTROL.

      • For sure.

        It’d be tempting to feel sorry for her, if she hadn’t been complicit in the misery and death of thousands of people. She is something of a tragic figure, to a point.

        The story in Hitch’s book about a group of her sisters in America being hospitalised with TB because she wouldn’t allow them to turn the heating on sums her up pretty well.

        I guess this is what happens when you let the crazy old granny run things. But then again, nothing about this Church should really surprise anyone any more.

    • Agreed. There are many documented cases of people in her care who could have been cured with surgery or drugs available at nearby hospitals, but she wouldn’t release the funds necessary for the transfer.

      That woman has a lot of blood on her hands.

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