12 thoughts on “Hang the DJ

  1. Morrissey puts the “pompous” in “pompadour”.
    And I put the “fuck” in “chocolate”.
    “But DarkSock…There ain’t no “fuck” in “chocolate”…”
    Okay then; I’ll have the vanilla.

  2. Nice Jack Burger reference, DarkSock. If it goes back further than Jack Burger, my apologies.

    I didn’t really know who Morrissey was until reading this and some brief google. Now I know who he is…just another self important dumb douchebag. I hope people turn out in droves for refunds against purchasing his music.

    I’m not a huge fan of eating duck as it is a bit gamey in my opinion, but hunting plays a huge role in wildlife management. This is almost a reason to look forward to the zombie apocalypse as the idiots will starve themselves out of existence once the beans are gone from the store shelves…I’ll be the prick and won’t let them have any of mine :)

  3. Let’s admit — and this is coming from someone who used to be a huge fan of The Smiths — that nobody cares about Morrissey anymore except to laugh at shit he says. Calling his statements “dumb” is a pleonasm at best.

  4. The jackass that runs WINNINGATEVERYTHING, on the jackassy site WINNINGATEVERYTHING, is calling someone tedious. Let’s just all recognize and appreciate the irony here.

    You’ve commandeered a Charlie Sheen meme that was short lived even by internet meme standards in order to write WINNING AT POOP on pictures of turds.

    Shut the fuck up, comment on funny pictures, and leave your inane opinions on Yahoo articles where they belong.

  5. Morrisey is like a perpetual 15 year old forming political views for the first time. In a real teenager, it is interesting to watch evolve, even if the tedious self-righteousness and black or white thinking is annoying. Problem is, Morrisey never grows out of it. Plus, he’s an anti-immigrant twat as well, so that’s pretty awful too.

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