16 thoughts on “No one owes you a boner

  1. Great rebuttal. Now, if only Lena Dunham wasn’t so…you know…racist, then this would really be a win. In b4 downvoting. (But I understand if you do.)

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        • THAT?? Jeez, that’s some pretty thin gruel if you’re using it as a pretext to call somebody racist. And not just racist, but “SO racist?”

          The day we can’t lightheartedly mock the fashion extremes of religious fundamentalists is the day we should all give up. I make it my personal mission to make fun of all kinds of fundamentalists. It’s the least we can do, really.

          Is it still OK to make fun of Christian fundamentalists? Christian fundies are one of my favorite targets, and I’d hate to have to remove them from my repertoire.

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          • As a totally legitimate self-titled internet sociologist, I’m convinced that 99% of all internet dwellers do not know what the word “racist” means or that people of any race can be racists.

            That said, we are all experts in “Cats” and “Butthurt.”

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        • Hate to break it to you, but “Muslim” and/or “hijabi” is not a race. Those in glass houses, my friend. She might be an “Islamophobe,” or perhaps mildly culturally insensitive, but lets all ease off the political correctness button and take a minute to realize that “Girls” is only mildly entertaining, despite what it supposedly does for feminism and body appreciation.

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  2. Yes. Because sex is a roller coaster that has a sign that says “You must be this wide to ride”. If you can’t squeeze into size zero jeans, you shouldn’t be having sex. Shame on you, Lena!

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  3. Besides which, what right thinking conservative ‘tard would have a name which is a euphemism for female masturbation, AMIRITE?

    (Yes, I know, it’s an extremely lame comment. Because.)

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