20 thoughts on “DON’T TIP THE WAITER

  1. Were I that waitperson, I’d have found that Pastor’s church and waited patiently for the donations plate to make its rounds…

    Clearly UpperCrust Atheist hasn’t tired of shoving $150 dinners down his throat.

  2. I really hate “christians” like that chick. She, Fred Phelps, and other uncharitable assholes like them shouldn’t be able to be called Christians. They do everything opposite of what Jesus said. I have a republican friend whose New year’s resolution was to tip less. I can’t help but think that is her way of standing ont eh side of those asshole business owners like “papa” john who threatened their workers because GOD FORBID they may have to treat them like human beings and give them the healthcare they deserve. Pathetic,greedy scum.

  3. Wow, fine-dining atheist, your day could be blessed by something other than a deity – it could be figuratively blessed – no one is shoving religion anywhere near you. I hope you’re blessed with a safe way to release your seething rage very soon.

  4. I’m totally on the side of the waitress that posted the first one – the ‘pastor’ clearly needed a public shaming. And I’m incredibly pissed at Applebee’s for what I feel is a wrongful termination. Even though I love their little wonton tacos, I probably won’t give them any of my business in the future because of the way they handled this.
    HOWEVER: I do think the server who posted it should have cropped out the merchant id and blurred out everything but the word pastor on the signature before she let reddit get hold of it. It still would have gotten the message out there, people would have still been just as outraged and the pastor would certainly still have gotten wind of it and felt the public’s scorn directed at her actions. But she would then have to out herself if she wanted to make a fuss about it, and the server would likely still have her job.
    Just my .02

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