Take a wild guess

Well, none of us can know for sure what happened. We weren’t there, and both men have agents who will spin this the best way for their clients. It’s impossible to know. So I’m just going to say that I’m 100% sure Chris Brown started it, and take my chances.

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9 thoughts on “Take a wild guess

  1. When I saw “BEEFIN'” I assumed this was going to be about farting. Was I right or wrong?

    ✔ offensive noise
    ✔ hot air
    ✔ involved parties blaming each other
    ✔ source of issue is a lot of crap

    Once again, SCREENCAP WIN

  2. I was gonna leave a comment about this, but then I went to the original article’s comments section and saw what ‘India’ had put:

    India commented | 23 hours ago
    People need 2 stop messing wit Chris & Frank People of course r gonna assume Chris started it witout the facts

    … and thought, “Actually, I better not mess wit any of this”.

  3. Nope – Frank Ocean started this one; he needs to have his name out there as much as possible. And frankly that Forrest Gump song had me wondering if Forrest Gump had written it. Why are people proclaiming him great? Because he’s bi? So what? The reporter on the scene said Frank Ocean is as big a jerk as Chris Brown, and in some ways worse, and never wanted to interview Frank again.

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