13 thoughts on “Start planning now!

  1. And I’m not trying to start a riot here, BUT…

    Krystal burgers kick White Castle’s slimy asses. Ketchup? Ugh. Kid’s stuff. Krystal’s have mustard, the condiment of royalty.

    If you want to really go off the reservation, order a Krystal Chik, w/ mayo and pickle, and…wait for it…bacon.

    My stomach just convulsed in a sympathetic lust spasm. I may have pooped a little.

    Damn Yankees.

  2. I’m just gonna say My husband and I did Valentine’s at White Castle one year and it was fun. They dress in tuxes, take you to your reserved table and take your order, give you a rose and take your picture to take home. I’ve had worse Valentine’s Days.

  3. White Castle is just Krystal’s without the mustard. I love mustard. The next time I’m at a White Castle, I should order mine WITH MUSTARD if only to piss them off.

    • Sliders are so good…and they throw up smooth.

      I wonder if anyone’s ever tried one sober?

      I got married at 3 am at Krystals 15 years ago. Or so I’m told. Not sure it was legal. I never saw her again. What happens in New Orleans…

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