There are no words

With all the focus on the likes of Honey Boo Boo and that college football player with the fake girlfriend, it’s easy to let the true evils in the world sneak by without noticing them. But the nightmare that is Sandy Hook Trutherism just makes me want to vomit. No surprise that those creeps at PressTV are in on it. If all else fails, you can always blame the JOOOOS.
It’s a story as old as time.

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32 thoughts on “There are no words

    • It’s being leveraged to ram through legislation without debate (see NY who has now classified their cops as criminals if they carry a gun with more than seven bullets), but I don’t know anyone serious who thinks this was planned as a means of getting gun control.

        • It would take something unimaginably horrible, some inconceivably evil event, to get Americans to have the scales fall from their eyes and finally have a rational conversation about why there are more gun deaths and maimed victims here each month than there are all year within the civil society of the European mainland.

          Or not.

          • I found it relevant that the same day the CT shooting happened, a man attacked 22 people at an elementary school in China. However, he used a knife. No one died. People kill people, but it’s a hell of a lot easier when people have guns.

  1. Michael Harris, former gubernatorial candidate for Arizona.

    Once again, we here in Mississippi thank those of you in Arizona such as Mr. Harris and Sheriff Joe Arpaio for making Arizona the new Mississippi.


  2. And? I obviously disagree with this idea but it’s this fancy thing called free speech and it doesn’t just apply to you. Questioning the official story instead of being spoon-fed every story the government gives you is not a disgusting thing. This idea is bad but I’m just sick of everyone believing that only they have a right to speech and that everything they are told by government officials is always true no matter what.

    • Of course these people have a right to free speech. What they do NOT have a right to is to consequence-free speech. They are welcome to share whatever opinions they wish, and everyone else is free to criticize the FUCK out of them.

      • And? At what point did I claim this particular one did not deserve to be ridiculed? My point is with everything surrounding Newtown and Aurora. A journalist simply requests the video tapes be released, and the hatred starts about how he’s a conspiracy nut. See the idiot below who automatically assumes that I’m a conspiracy nut for simply stating that SOME theories deserve more merit than simple derision. Obviously this is not one of those. Hence my apparently super-subtle statement that THIS IS A BAD ONE!

    • I suggest you read the Constitution again. This is not a free-speech issue; nobody is calling for this moron to be arrested or imprisoned for spewing his vile racist garbage. Calling him out on his idiocy does not stifle his First Amendment rights in any way.

      There’s a vast difference between “questioning the official story” and “pulling random anti-Semitic bulls**t out of your ass”.

      Duh. No one here said this man doesn’t have the right to say what he said. Your argument is nothing but one huge logical fallacy.
      We all believe in free speech and freedom of expression. What you and your conspiracy-minded brethren seem unwilling to accept is that your freedom of speech does not grant you immunity from ridicule.

      • My response was aimed at all the hatred directed towards any questioning of the story in Newtown and Aurora. Clearly my statement of this being a bad theory was too complicated for your brain to handle. I am not a “conspiracy nut” and the crap that people like you spew is the whole reason for the post. People have made simple requests for the videotapes from Aurora and Newtown to be released and have been scapegoated as evil people and conspiracy nuts. Maybe take a look at your own bias and race to conclude everyone a conspiracy nut before you have the gall to talk about logical fallacies.

    • @AlDente You’re aware it’s not Israel calling for the destruction of the west based on a book right? Lumping the entirety of Israel as terriorist makes about as much sense as labeling every Muslim as a terrorist, but then again I don’t expect much common sense to come from anyone on or near the left to begin with.

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