9 thoughts on “If you lived here, you’d be full by now

  1. In 20 years we will be renting condos housed in the face of the 10 story back walls of Ultra-Wal-Mart domed city-states the size of Central Park. We will be lowered from our modern cliff-face dwellings down into the shopping melee via shopping crane harnesses like dangling heifers being rescued by helicopters from a swollen river. Our corpulent bodies will swing to and fro from our personal shopping cranes, much like our pendulous gut-sacks do; and then as we eye our barrel of Cheetos or 30 liter Cokes we’ll lower ourselves into the consumption pit, like that stupid fucking claw game at the Cinema lobby that always fucks me out of the iPod.

    When we die we will be shunted into the cardboard box incinerator; our departing gesture will be no more than to add a distinct burnt-bacon aroma to the loading dock area for a few minutes.

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