10 thoughts on “UR DEAD

  1. Well then Pearl Jam & Soundgarden get points deducted for the Temple Of The Dog song “Say Hello 2 Heaven” for heroin enthusiast Andrew Wood.

    Down here on the Coast, and maybe elsewhere in the country, the new thing is to plaster memorials in vinyl graphics across the back window of your pick-up truck / El Camino / IROC Z Camaro. In light of that, this memorial is a few steps up in class.

    In closing, might I apologize for our asshat Republican congressman Stephen Palazzo, who demanded much-needed Katrina relief iin 2005 but saw fit to be one of the 5 dozen dildos that voted against Sandy relief. Even my Republican friends here are aghast and embarrassed by him. You can stand in my driveway and hear the Palazzo stickers being peeled off of bumpers.

    • Texting may not have been as big a thing as it is now, but it was still a thing in 2007. And crappily-spelled words have been a thing for ages.

      That said, I do think (or more accurately, desperately hope) that this is fake.

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