11 thoughts on “CLOSE ENOUGH

    • Thanks for the link. Although I must say your “quick” google was probably not as quick as mine because I did try to see if this was real or just a joke and all I found were other sites passing this same screencap around.

      • I know there are people that are this stupid out there, I would just rather target them than the people that are making fun of them, which would include me. My google was pretty quick. I just typed in the quote and it was one of the first links I found, though with something viral like this, the top links probably change by the minute, so results may vary.

        In any case, she seems to be taking it in stride. Hasn’t shut down her twitter or anything. Based on looking at her other tweets for about a minute, she is definitely young, so not everything is full of intelligence, but there’s a lot of evidence that she’s too smart to have posted this seriously. It is pretty funny, considering her age and the fact that it was meant as a 5 second joke to be forgotten right away, not something that was trying to get published or start a stand up career. Seems to be getting a laugh out of it, in contrast to the girl that tweeted about Australia’s president and shut down her twitter after all the responses, because she WAS serious.

        • In any case, wasn’t trying to be super harsh, was just kinda disappointed in the internet for doing this again, just like the woman holding the misspelled sign about a village in kenya missing their idiot, which turned out to be a gag. I’d rather give these people credit for a somewhat funny gag, but people always assume the worst.

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