11 thoughts on “All better!

  1. Wait.. this is funny why again? Having had braces with teeth nowhere near this crooked, the pain this person is gonna be feeling from those wires is making my eyes water.

  2. Poor kid. Glad the parents can afford to get it fixed. I came from a family with 3 kids who needed braces…so no one got them. The pain from the braces is probably small potatoes to her, knowing she won’t have teeth the other kids talk shit about in a few years.

  3. Two things: 1. This reminds me of Sloth from Goonies mouth.
    2. is that blood (those two red spots)?

    I agree with those who said it is good this person can get orthodontia. Seeing this makes me realize how minor and cosmetic most orthodontia is. This is basically a necessity.

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