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  1. I have a great show idea! It’s called, “Adventures in Security.” It’ll just be me, sitting in my truck all night in one spot, watching tv on my phone. The real drama and action comes when I lose my wi-fi signal and I have to war-drive the parking lot to get a better signal.

    • Or they can at least they can have 2 or more inspectors on a panel low balling each other for bribes to make the violation citations go away. Or who will accept the sexual favors in the lightning round.

  2. What is the joke here? I mean sure it is another bad idea for a show, but we don’t post every bad show’s ad here. Am I missing a misspelling or something hidden in the background?

    • I’m not sure, either. We live in a country where “Bowling for Dollars” was popular, and there were shows about a guy who’s mother was a car. Or, you know, possessing a car that he bought. She spoke to him through the radio, and only he could hear her. Jerry Van Dyke was the star. What happens if he can’t pay, and the car gets repossessed? (wa-waaaaaahhhh)

      I can think of about 10 shows on air right now probably less intellectual and way more pointless than one about food inspectors. “Dance Moms”, “Amish Mafia”, Anything involving hunting for gold underwater or in Alaska, “Say Yes to The Dress”…

      I suppose, though, in this light, that “The Jungle” was a laugh-riot.

      _We’ll always have “Small Wonder”.

      • I’m fine with ridiculous concepts for fiction. “My Mother the Car” and “Small Wonder” are both awesome. Even game shows like “Bowling for Dollars” don’t offend me, no one is really being exploited, made fun of, or turned into a celebrity for doing nothing but being a terrible person. Reality shows with any sort of drama/conflict piss me off though. Documentaries are fine. I feel like this show is going to blow things out of proportion.

        If you’ve worked in a kitchen, you know plenty of stuff that violates health code is unavoidable and isn’t going to hurt or kill anyone, but would freak them out if they knew about it. Florida’s health inspectors post results publicly online. I’ve never found a single report that didn’t have something gross at some point, but I’ve yet to die from eating at these places. Its nothing new, you are just used to having it hidden from you. Hell you probably drop a piece of pizza on the floor, pick it up, pull off the carpet fiber and cat hair, make sure no one saw, and eat it. A restaurant does something 1/4 that bad and people say its disgusting.

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