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  1. Sad how now that people realize it isn’t ok to judge someone based on their race, gender, on social standing, America thinks it is ok to assume the worst about someone that is fat without knowing a damn thing about them or their story. In a country where our food processing and delivery system makes it nearly impossible for poor people to eat healthily, and glamorizes fast food, we make fun of the people that suffer due to this. And while it isn’t every overweight person, many do have conditions, and you may well be making fun of a disease here. I’m just sick of some people being looked down on due to body type while others are glamorized for mistreating their body in other ways that are just as bad or worse. I’m expecting a lot of nasty comments negating what I said, but I have to say it or I’m part of the problem myself. (Waiting for someone to say ‘you are part of the problem, alright!’)

    • As a woman with PCOS and self esteem issues that both affect my weight I’m glad you said something.

      I do wish though that people would dress appropriately for their size and shape. Dressing in a manner like above just makes the problem worse. Course it doesn’t help that the fashion industry things by just making larger versions of the skinny girls clothes – which even the skinny girls look bad in.

      • Jami, thanks for your reply, makes me feel a tad less like making these statements is pointless. People should be able to wear what they want. I wish everyone would just dress for comfort, and not be so concerned about the fashion industry, which convinces people that they have to buy something different every week in order to keep their sweatshops going. I’m not against fashion as far as personal taste, but personal taste is all someone should need to worry about. I see no reason to make fun of this other than to feel better about yourself for not being like this, like a school bully.

        • Also, don’t think I never laugh at people. I usually know a little bit about them though, or am laughing at a message printed on their clothes, or the fact that they are trying to emulate a fashion that spawned from something really stupid, which tells me something about them right off. I suspect the person in this picture is either genuinely mentally handicapped, or is really sad and trying to get attention using what they expect people to react to, while not really getting it. I still don’t get it myself, and would dress like a moron if my partner wasn’t telling me not to wear cutoff jean shorts, etc.

        • Sorry, but while people CAN wear what they want, and are entitled to show of their personal taste (or lack of same) it is absurd to think people won’t notice. If I see a teen male with pants like hers I mock; why should she get off because she’s large? I also mock high fashion when it is hideous. And I refuse to believe that outfit is comfortable.

    • Honey…I’m fat. There ya go. I’m fat. (I swear to God I’m going to the gym now! Seriously…No…SERIOUSLY) In being fat I’ve never made fun of another person for also being fat. That said, I CAN and do laugh…far away and out of earshot, at anyone who dresses BADLY…I MEAN AWFUL.

      I look in the mirror every day and wish those rolls weren’t there, but I DON’T pull a pair of Junior Miss shorts midway up my thighs, zip, and tell everyone I wear the same size pants I did in High School! GAH! She stood in front of her reflection once and still went outside!

      Us full figured women CAN dress very nicely to fit our SIZE. (I do so from our great local Thrift Store), and a full figured woman can be beautiful and voluptuous. But Honey….THAT ABOVE AIN’T BEAUTIFUL….That’s the Wreck of the Hesperus!

      My eyes are hemorrhaging.

  2. All this tiresome earnestness has totally sucked the joy out of the “itty bitty waist, and a round thing in your face, you get sprung” joke I was going to make.

    So, other than the above sentence, I will not make that joke.

    Besides, once she cuts those pants off she probably springs back into a normal shape.

  3. Yep, I know some people can’t help how their bodies “fill out” so to speak, but they can dress to look their best. This ain’t it. If it is, well, oooooohhhhh weeeeeeeeee!

  4. I’m overweight. I lose weight, and my WAIST ONLY gets smaller while my boobs and ass stay the same size. I’ve nearly starved myself (often eat one meal a day) and MY WAIST GETS SMALLER. And if I gain the weight back, MY BOOBS AND ASS GET THE WEIGHT. Some people say to me “how lucky”. My boobs are 46DD and that’s annoying that they don’t deflate (thinking of getting a surgery), so being thin isn’t as easy as people seem to think it is.

  5. Yeah, yeah, yeah… cheap shot, making fun of someone’s weight etc. etc. etc. Normally I’d agree, unfortunate fashion choices aside.

    Butt, the REAL question here is WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO HER ASS?

  6. Big difference between being overweight through genetics, and being obese through choice and bad habits. First is cosmetically unfortunate, second is akin to smoking: you’re killing yourself, and you deserve to be ostracized.

    True, you can’t always tell which is which through looking at the person alone, but judging by the chair, the floor tiles, color scheme, decor (and possibly the caption, if WAE knows more about the context than we do), if this is not a fast food joint, I’ll eat my hat.

    Deep fried, preferably, with fries and a large soda.

    • So, here’s the thing. I’m a little overweight. Nothing like this lady, but, still, not a bean pole. I generally eat very healthy foods and get plenty of exercise. Outside of quite literally starving myself, the extra 20 pounds is just not coming off.

      There are times I need or want to eat something that isn’t the very best thing I could eat for that meal. Maybe once a month or so, I’ll grab a burger or something fried instead of eating yet ANOTHER salad (seriously, I eat a salad for lunch every. single. day. have for years). Or I’ll be on a trip and my only real choice is fast food. Sure, I could order a salad at a fast-food restaurant, but sometimes – SOMETIMES – I just want to eat something tasty and terrible. But I don’t do it in public…BECAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU. Yeah, I know that you’re staring at me, silently judging, while you scarf down the same thing I’m about to eat. Thank god for drive-throughs, or I’d never taste another bit of fried food in my life…and I think we can all agree that judging me out of a once-a-month indulgence is going just a little overboard on the smugness, no?

  7. A button fell off of one of my pants Thursday and while I was looking for a sewing kit I found that button replacement gadget you got me two years ago. It was actually just a refill that went into a separate device that stapled the button to the garment. You got it for me to help me and I was a jerk because you didn’t know it was part of a kit that wouldn’t work by itself. You did something nice for me and I hurt your feelings for your troubles. I keep finding little reminders of bad things like this everywhere in this empty house now. I can’t stop thinking about the button. I don’t know why. It’s all I’ve thought about for two days. Maybe by writing this it will leave me alone now. I’m so sorry. I used to always say my goal in life was to die with no regrets. Now that is all that I have. Regrets. It’s been a year and nothing’s changed.

    I’m sorry for all those things.

    I miss you and the kids.

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