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    • No, no, you don’t get it. All those tempting, beautiful women *provoke* rape by being tempting and beautiful. It’s not men’s fault if they can’t resist.

      What fetus ever walked by in a short skirt and heels looking abortable, hmm?

      Ugh, I feel dirty just having typed that.

    • Of course. Guess we should just make murder legal since that keeps happening too. Just because something happens whether it’s legal or not is not grounds alone for making it legal.

  1. Anybody else tired of people without uteruses making decisions on abortions? That’s like a woman deciding circumcision should be either mandatory or illegal.

  2. GUYS! Keep telling us what you think about rape so sensible people won’t vote for you! Our Nation has more than enough problems and needs intelligent, well-educated people to make the decisions on what to do about those problems!

    • They don’t seem to understand that when they tell a woman she has to keep a rapists baby, they are ADVOCATING *FOR* the criminal! Why else are there 30 states that allow the rapist to sue for visitation and custody rights?

      I must go find a Democrat to vote for so I can feel clean again…

  3. “They don’t seem to understand that when they tell a woman she has to keep a rapists baby, they are ADVOCATING *FOR* the criminal!”

    It’s still murder.

    • According to you, a man who will never understand what it’s like to be raped and forced to carry the baby of a monster. Can you see how that might rankle a few of the women out there?

      • Absolutely; but see, there is the problem; you don’t know anything about me. Yes, I am a man, and have never been raped. I also happen to be a Libertarian and have fairly liberal views about most things. And, I was adopted. Was I the product of rape or incest? No, I do not know; nor do I particularly care. But given that, there is a modest probability that I am.

        But that is completely irrelevant. I am a human being, and I HAVE A RIGHT TO EXIST AND HAVE EVER SINCE I WAS CONCEIVED! So, do you think I should be murdered right now if it turns out that I was the result of some horrible travesty? A human life is a human life. Period.

        • Do you realize you just proposed the possibility that your real mother was raped, then said “I do not know; nor do I particularly care?”

          I’m pretty sure that if she was raped, she cares.

          • I’m also sure of that. But it’s still irrelevant as to whether I have a right to exist or not. That’s what I was referring to. Rapists should be punished, and severely in my opinion, but it’s not the baby’s fault if the woman gets pregnant; it committed no crime and deserves to exist like anyone else.

          • Telling a woman that her rape is irrelevant is pretty hateful. I’m sorry you don’t realize that.

          • He didn’t say her rape was irrelevant, merely that it was irrelevant to the question of whether the baby should be allowed to have the right to live. Completely different argument.

  4. Ok, so guys need to stop talking about rape, we’re not qualified. And everyone on the pro-choice side can stop talking about abortion, since none of your are capable of being aborted fetuses, you’re also not qualified. Glad we settled that.

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