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  1. Can I ask something without being voted down to the point where it’s hidden? Is there now actual proof he did it? Because last I heard was that the only “proof” was that he was giving up on fighting the charges and there were no blood or urine tests or even a confession to prove he did it.

    I know sometimes you just get tired of fighting. I can think of many examples in my own life where I was repeatedly accused of something I did not do by my parents and they just hounded and hounded me until I finally gave up and accepted a punishment I didn’t deserve just to put an end to it all. And if there isn’t actual proof then how do we really know he didn’t just say “Oh fuck it, people are going to believe what they want even if I pass every drug test and get God Himself to testify on my behalf!”?

    Just saying. If someone can give me a link where Lance himself says “Yes, I doped,” then I’ll drop it. But since I personally haven’t seen anything that says that as I really don’t keep up with sports (they bore me) I still don’t know what to think.

    • I’d like to believe he was innocent, but the case against him seems pretty conclusive at this point. It’s a real shame. Even if he was guilty of all the things they say about him, he still kicked the asses of every other cyclist he was riding against. Cyclists who were also doping and shooting up. And Lance did it after numerous cancers, surgeries, and chemo treatments.
      Oh, well.

      THE CASE

    • wow, now there are lance truthers.

      you don’t get “tired of fighting” if your whole livelihood, all your life’s work and achievements are to be stripped away. you just don’t.

      well, maybe you do, as you stated, but i am willing to go out on a limb and say that
      1) being grounded or whatever passed for punishment in your house is nothing like what he got
      2) something tells me you’re not a competitive athlete willpower-wise. i wonder what it is.

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