17 thoughts on “God sounds like a real a-hole

  1. Well by logic, if conception is god’s will, the rape that caused the conception would be as well. Let’s just remove the responsibility entirely from the raper. :\

    • No, you can’t remove that responsibility entirely. The bible says the rapist has pay the girl’s father 50 silver and take her as his wife. So basically, these victimized women should be asking their dads to file financial grievance lawsuits. :/

  2. I wonder how quick his position would change if his wife or daughter were raped and impregnated by, oh, say… a Satan-worshipping minority cult leader with a creepy mustache and dangly earring?

    God must also have intended the Holocaust, AIDS, starvation and suffering on a global level, and 50 Shades of Grey.

    Or does God’s Will just arbitrarily apply to whatever the Bible-Thumpers decide? Because I’d like to add to that list.

  3. I’m picturing Mourdock’s judgment day and God saying “OK Dick, you told the nation that I want women who are raped to get pregnant and have their rapists babies” Explain to me why you think I would want you here with me in heaven?

  4. Personally, I believe that all these assholes who come up with this utter crap are rapists themselves, trying to convince themselves they didn’t commit a violent act against another human being. I don’t really see any other logical explanation.

    Always the men, isn’t it? Castration, it beckons.

  5. I believe Mourdock does support preganancy termination if the mother’s life is in danger.

    If God is responsible for all pregnancies in the first place, then obviously God *wants* the woman to die.

    How dare Mourdock go against God’s will! Baby killer!

  6. This is why I seriously hate christians more than most other religions. I love Jesus, but his followers are creeps and morons. The sooner Jesus realizes that, the sooner he’ll tell everyone to become a buddhist.

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