17 thoughts on “What hump?

  1. But – but – it’s a freaking classic novel and the whole point was that Quasimodo was the HERO despite how ugly he was! Phoebus was just a jerk who wanted to sleep with Esmerelda but married another woman for her money. The priest, Phoebus’ older brother, also wanted to bed her. Quasimodo was the ONLY one who actually loved her! And – you just don’t go around changing the names of classic books just because someone might find a classic offensive! That’s as stupid as banning Huckleberry Finn or having people in The Scarlet Letter calling the local tribe “Native Americans” instead of Indians.

    Honestly, people – STOP PCING UP THE CLASSICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh, please! As someone who suffers from Scoliosis and was indeed called a “hunch back” by bullies in my middle school years, I think this is utterly ridiculous! America’s supposed to be the “land of the brave,” instead we’re just land of the over-sensitive douche bags.

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