12 thoughts on “This crap again

    • Not this woman. I’m using it as an excuse to, again, dress as the TARDIS. And not a sexy TARDIS either. I do sexy about as well as Jim Carey does subtle.

      (Sorry, can’t help it. I LOVE Halloween. And this year I found Minnie a fez made just for dogs! So I’m super excited! I just wish I had some other Whovians to walk around Balboa Island with.)

      As for the hamburger costume – UG! Why do all female costumes, including for little girls, have to be “sexy” anymore? Why not cute or whimsicle or scary?!

      • Jami, why are you so determined to give out your personal information? You post the name of your town here, and on other sites I know you had linked your blog which had a lot of info about your family members. Think, woman!

        • Actually I like for folks to have my specific information; they’re welcome to seek me out in person.

          Saves gas and driving time having to cruise everywhere in the windowless van loaded with shovels, lye, plastic sheeting, Jack Daniels, zip ties and an 18″ jelly dong with a plug missing out of one end that looks like a bite mark.

  1. OK, not a guy so maybe it doesn’t matter to them, but shouldn’t a larger person be wearing this? I didn’t even see the “burger” until reading what she was supposed to be.
    Also, if I were ever drunk enough to wear something like this, I’d want to move the burger down a little lower before anyone began nibbling – at least it would be more sexy for ME that way.

  2. What’s that supposed to be, a Boca Burger? That’s one scrawny, pathetic-looking piece of…well, I was going to say meat, but it’s not meat, ’cause she ain’t got any.

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