6 thoughts on “This is a guy who knows where he’s going

  1. – Stole Car in June

    – Crashed into Blunt Store

    – Drove Self to Jail

    – He made it on the bevel.

    – There is more surface for the nails to grip

    – There is twice the gripping-surface to each seam.

    – The water will have to seep into it on a slant. Water moves easiest up and down or straight across.

    – In a house people are upright two thirds of the time. So the seams and joints are made up-and-down. Because the stress is up and down.

    – In a bed where people lie down all the time, the joints and seams are made sideways, because the stress is sideways.

    – Except.

    – A body is not square like a crosstie.

    – Animal magnetism.

    – The animal magnetism of a dead body makes the stress come slanting, so the seams and joints of a coffin are made on the bevel.

    – You can see by an old grave that the earth sinks down on the bevel.

    – While in a natural hole it sinks by the center, the stress being up-and-down.

    – So he made it on the bevel.

    – It makes a neater job.

    – His Mother is a Fish.

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