12 thoughts on “Working it down under

  1. “Attracts effluent client”? (apparently)
    “Attractive, Charming and Intelligent”? (maybe not)
    “An escort at ease anywhere”? (as long as it’s not a spelling bee)
    Can tell the difference between ‘effluent’ and ‘affluent’, no, sadly, no………but then, I guess if you are effluent enough you wouldn’t care if the beefcake could spell.

    • And if you look under “Service and Rates”, he does “STRIPING” too!
      Not to mention –
      A 1 hour “Tantric Yoni Massage” for $120, with or without the happy ending………

      (and I was looking at the ‘services and rates’ purely for research……I am not effluent enough to afford this!)

  2. Okay, ignoring the word “effluent” – says he’s “a straight escort for ladies and couples.”

    Now straight implies he only likes to have sex with women. But while a couple could contain two women, two men, I automatically assume he means the male-female pairing in a couple.

    Which leads me to assume he’s not as straight as he claims.

    • You know what they say about assumptions: They make an ass out of you and umption.

      I imagine that many men who have fantasies about MMF threesomes would be surprised to hear that these meant they were not straight.

      • It’s fine as long as your sacs don’t touch. And even if the do, if your eyes are shut it don’t count. Michelle Bachmann’s clinic to cure th’ gay is always a good back-up too. You watch an endless loop of her fellating a corn dog until you are psychologically neutered asexual.

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