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  1. If she’s plus size I’m a – oh heck, normally in a situation like this I say “I’m a super model” but – I can’t – because she’s a model and I’m – okay – If she’s plus sized I’m a Time Lord! (Well, Time Lady.)

  2. Maybe you should reconsider how many of your posts are labeled fat americans and how funny you guys think your posts about this are. I am a longterm lurker (came over from regretsy) and this has bothered me for awhile. When I was a teen I was a size 6-8 and because of the media (I was very curvy) I thought I was enormous. I was very close to an eating disorder. Now that I am actually chubby its strange but I have a much healthier view of my body as a 41 year old. I feel less fat now than I did then and I AM actually heavy now. I know this is a humor site (and fat seens to be the last acceptable prejudice) and I’m sure I’ll get slammed for sharing my opinion about this but don’t you think this post is a little hypocritical considering how many posts you label fat american and then everyone makes fun of? This is exactly how a size 12 six foot woman comes to be considered plus size in our society. And this is why as a very curvy size 6-8 (oh to be that size again) I was labeled “fat”. Still love this site and regretsy though just thought I would put in my two cents. Let the downthumbing begin :P

    • Thanks for your thoughts. I appreciate what you’re saying, but I believe there’s a distinction between your personal life experiences and the fat people I show on this site from to time. Curvy is great. Plus-size is great. Being morbidly obese is not great. I don’t believe that EVERY size should be accepted, because some people really are too big. In the same way that some people are too thin. Any post labeled “fat americans” features people who are too big, to the point where it’s a health risk. At least, that’s the idea. Sometimes I use it when I’m not even showing people, just showing some gross high-calorie food or something.

      Yes, we should all learn to love ourselves more. Yes, we should ignore the standards that have been imposed upon us by the fashion and makeup industries. At the same time, this country IS becoming too heavy. Loving yourself doesn’t mean throwing all sense of restraint and moderation out the window. That would be an absurd overcorrection.

      I hate the BMI system, and I’m sorry that so many people feel pressured to be thin in this country. I believe the response to that is NOT to become 400+ lbs, but to learn to be comfortable in your skin. Eating sensibly, exercising a decent amount, and being happy with whatever the results are, that’s my idea of a good life. Too far in either direction, though, and I’ll probably think that’s a bad idea.

      I don’t think the obesity epidemic is going to be solved by everyone eliminating critical language from their lexicon. This is an issue that needs concessions and understanding from both sides of the issue. There are eating disorders for thin people and fat people.

      Anyway, the tags are generally not to be taken quite so seriously. My favorite tag, after all, is “foreign things are funny.”

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, and I hope I’ve expressed my views in a way that doesn’t completely turn you off to our usual funniness.

      • I hate that I lurk this site every day and this is the first time I’m chiming in and it wont be hilarious. I just feel like everyone should watch this video.

        Skip the awkward introductions and get the point at 5:30.

        Her findings summarized:

        “Dr. Bacon calls her philosophy “Healthy at Every Size” because her research into studies on the “obesity epidemic” demonstrate that the body mass index (BMI) is not a good indicator of health. In particular, her research findings showed that overweight people who maintained good diets and active lifestyles lived longer than people whose bodies were labeled ‘normal’ by the BMI chart. Weight simply demonstrated one’s capacity to store fat, not whether or not they were healthy. Overall, diet and exercise were the best indicators of someone’s longevity and health, rather than their weight, and Bacon’s research demonstrated how the weight loss industry has encouraged dieting which has hazardous effects on one’s health (because it prevents your body from maintaining a stable weight and instead yo-yo’s up and down).

        Rather than treat weight loss, Bacon recommends health practitioners treat inactive lifestyles and poor diets, which are things people of all sizes experience. Her ideas remind us of the importance in feminist research of asking different questions, and they also beg further consideration of the harm we inflict by maintaining certain myths that promote teasing, taunting, and emotional abuse.” (My professor, Emma Lind).

        Back to the funny business! Feel free to make a joke about how her last name is Bacon.

  3. Actually, I tried to get into modeling as a teen and I was told that they considered plus sized to be between size 10 and 16. Sizes over 16 weren’t considered plus size at all. Also, pick up a Roaman’s or Woman Within or Blair catalog. This moodel is exactly the size model they use for plus size clothing.

    • Which as a fat woman is something I hate. Clothing made for fat women should be modeled by fat women so we know what we’re getting into. Of course then we’d realize how awful the clothing actually looks on us and we’d stop buying it and making our own instead of being brain washed into thinking we look good then wonder why we’re being made fun of on People Of WalMart.

      Sorry, I tend to get on a soap box on the whole fat fashion thing. *blushes and hides*

  4. I totally agree Jami! Catherines is my favorite store to shop at partly because they use a real range of truly plus size models. You know what Roamans and Womans Within said about using stick thin tall models to sell clothes up to a 7X? They said they were “selling a dream.” Admittedly I sometimes dream I looked like one of their skinny models, but mostly I wonder how the heck some of their clothes are going to look on my chubby body. And when I order from them they often are not designed for plus-size me and I end up returning them thinking wow what a 7X woman look like in this?? I think I should stick with Catherines as almost everything I buy there is flattering on me.

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