9 thoughts on “Happiness In Slavery

  1. I have never understood why it is all such a big deal! Apple will have a newer version before the ink has dried on their receipts and they’ll just go to the back of the queue and start the process all over again.

    It is just a fucking phone!

  2. Not to be all wet-blanket, but a lot of these line-waiters are being paid to wait by other people who are too busy to go wait in line, and too impatient to just order the thing online.

    I waited on line, once, for the iPad 2. It was actually a fun way to pass 6 hours, chatting with people and writing iPad app code in a camp chair. When I got my iPad, I plugged it in and started running my new app. And yes, after i got my iPad, people were still arriving to stand in line, even though the store was out. If I were greedier, I could’ve sold the thing and made profit, I guess.

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