15 thoughts on “Taking a Mulligan

  1. I voted for Obama last election. I thought by voting for him, I was being unprejudiced, but I voted for him because he is black. Even though I was acting in his favor, I still felt like I was racist, because I was blinded by the fact that “wowohmigodhesblackAMAZING!”

    Can’t I dislike someone because I dislike them, regardless of their race? Or can I only dislike white people? I need to know, because my connecting flights in Atlanta keep getting more and more intense.

    I’m not racist- just socially inept.

    • All the wrong questions with all the wrong answers. You really nailed the issue (I mean the one that has nothing to do with the issue at stake here or any other any real issue anywhere). Thanks for trying.

    • Look it’s much simpler than your making it out to be.

      Voting for a candidate because he’s black, is stupid.

      Voting against a candidate because he’s black is stupid.

      Assuming someone doesn’t like Obama because he’s black is lazy and stupid

      Assuming someone liking Obama makes them enlightened and tolerant is lazy and stupid.

      Of course you can like/dislike someone and it has nothing to do with their race, but in 2012 many people treat political parties like their favorite sports team and assume that either you’re on the same team or you’re the scum of the earth.

      But maybe you need to find out why you’re so hung up on his racial makeup in the first place instead of looking to his policies to make your judgement of the man.

      • Mulligans and its patrons are stupid.

        Sticking your weenus in a running fan is stupid.

        BJ and the Bear reruns are stupid. And, btw, surely by now there’s been a gay porn parody called “BJ and The Bear”…

        What were we talkin’ about?

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