It piles up so fast, you need wings to stay above it

I have a few observations:

1. Obama supports marriage equality, because it’s the American way. Life/liberty/pursuit of happiness, 14th Amendment, stuff like that. You may have heard about these things. They’ve been in all the papers. You guys are really going to double down on the “we hate the gays” stuff? I don’t see that going well for you, at least not in civilized parts of the world.

2. Obama supports choice, as do most Americans.┬áNobody “supports” abortion. Everyone thinks it’s unpleasant, but sometimes circumstances dictate it to be the only option. Women who’ve had an abortion don’t think back fondly to the day they got one. They don’t keep abortion scrapbooks. Nobody wakes up in the morning and says “self, let’s get an unnecessary pregnancy that we have to abort. That sounds fun.”

3. Is the G in Gay doing all the talking here? That word balloon is confusing me.

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58 thoughts on “It piles up so fast, you need wings to stay above it

  1. Obama supports leaving infants to die when they have survived an abortion procedure. That’s not just choice dude, that’s just sick.
    Look up Giana Jessen or Melissa Ohden

    Oh wait, you won’t. I’ll get so thumbed down it’s not funny.

  2. That’s because NO-bama is a socialist Marxist Muslim born in Kenya who’s using illegal immigration to have anchor babies that will join the Muslim Brotherhood and force healthcare on everyone in order to implement death panels and force abortions while raising taxes and taking away guns from those who could save us: rich white Christians.

    • Obama lives inside of a horse and was raised by a pleather ottoman. He can see in the dark and is able to throw a baseball into low earth orbit. His nipples were shotgunned off by a Turkish cult of lesbian pygmy kitchen fire victims, and he prefers the 2nd Darren on Bewitched, Dick Sargent, over the first Darren, Dick York. His left leg is made of glass and is full of grape Kool-Aid and he calls everyone “stepchild” with the “d” silent, or sometimes he calls you “Unk”.

      • If it was a legitimate rape, the body has ways to shut it down. No, he was the result of a Marxist abortion experiment where Big Government programmed him with Sharia law to not only destroy corporations, but to dehumanize them and take away their rights as people.

  3. How do you get a bloc of overfed under-educated NASCAR fans to give you votes that are actually against their self-interests?

    The same way rich plantation owners got dirt-poor share-cropping serfs to fight a bloody civil war against their brothers: fear and lies.

    Medical FACT.

  4. Currently, I am Winning at…

    supporting neither political party; deciding not to contribute to the system which I wish to destroy; political apathy; not giving in to the bullshit.

    Several months ago, a woman running for some position in the local state government stopped me in a parking lot to ask me if I was registered democrat for the upcoming election. I told her, “No, I don’t vote.”

    “That’s too bad. Why?” she asked.

    “Because I do not agree with contributing to a system that I entirely disagree with.” I explained.

    Then, the most mind-boggling statement I have ever, ever heard to date: “Well, the government is there whether we like it or not.”

    BACK IT THE FUCK UP, LADY. When the government no longer serve the needs of the people, it is not only their right, but their duty to abolish it! Middle School Government 101.

    And this woman is running for office? I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

    tl;dr – you missed a fucking great anecdote.

    • Currently, I am Winning at:

      being Canadian. The upstairs socialist neighbor that allows gays to marry and shoves free healthcare down everyone’s throat.

      Dear Americans, I hope someday your politics won’t be so fucked up. Perhaps this situation will change once all the old white men in power are dead…

      • Honest question, how effective is your healthcare? I have some basic understanding that you have a single-payer system to decrease administration costs. In America, the administrative costs account for around 25% of the healthcare expenditures which is sizeable when you consider how significant our health related spending is. I also have heard that since you do a single-payer system, this creates back-order or, essentially, long waits for anything not considered preventive (such as procedures) which is why a good deal of people who can afford to will come to the US to have procedures/treatments done here. Any insight is appreciated.

        • I’ve been Canadian my entire life, and I have never heard of anyone, or anyone’s friend’s grandmother’s sister going to the US for procedures. I think that’s a healthcare myth. The only time that’s plausible is when that treatment isn’t available locally, then our healthcare system *pays for* us to go to the US for that special procedure.

          I don’t really know what you mean by single-payer system. I pay my taxes, that pays for my healthcare. Doctors visits, necessary surgeries (not cosmetic), etc are covered. Prescription drugs are not, but most employed people have benefits that cover prescriptions, dentists, chiropractors, etc.

          As for wait times, if I or anyone in my family needs to see our family doctor, we are offered an appointment on the same day, or the next day. Some doctors are worse than that, but for us that’s average. If we have to go to the ER wait times vary. You’re probably looking at at least an hour unless you come in in an ambulance, then you go right in. As for larger procedures and specialists, it depends on urgency. When my one year old needed a necessary but not urgent surgery, it took a month or so to get the appointment with the specialist. Currently I have been referred to an ENT, but because it’s not even close to urgent, the wait is about 4 months. My grandmother recently had an urgent-ish need to see a specialist and was given an appointment within the week.

          Anyway, that’s just my experience with it. I can’t even fathom having to have 10s of thousands of dollars available in free cash just to see a doctor. And if I did have that kind of free cash, I would most definitely *not* be spending it on going to the US to pay for something that is free here. Very glad to be Canadian…

          • Appreciate that, really. What I mean by ‘single payer’ system involves the way in which healthcare is actually routed. In America, we have multiple avenues whereas, from what I understand, you have a central location that everything is processed through. It decreases administration costs dramatically.
            Moving on, America actually already has free healthcare. True story. You can go to any emergency room and get treated for absolutely free. I don’t know how many surgeries I’ve seen that aren’t going to be paid for by anyone. The problem is that this is not really how it is ‘supposed’ to be so then something called ‘cost shifting’ occurs. This basically means, we find the money where we can so if you have insurance, you’ll get this bill for like $10K. Truthfully, that covers the costs of your stay but also the costs of the people who came in and got free care. The idea of socializing healthcare here should be viewed simply as a means to make what we’re already doing more efficient/cost effective. From my experience in the ED, people really don’t care about preventive medicine. I’m not convinced that if it was available, people would take actual advantage of it. Now, people will provide you with anecdotes about some who would utilize it, but honestly, Americans have a horrible mentality when it comes to health. The top 5 contributing conditions to our healthcare costs are lifestyle related. Furthermore, 10% of the population accounts for 85% of healthcare costs. True story. And definitely NOT addressed by the media or politicians.

        • Yeah, that. ktpick explained it pretty well. I can also tell you a few things from personal experience.
          Yes, the wait times vary, depending on the urgency, but they’re never too long. Longest I had to stay at a hospital was four hours. Referrals also don’t take long; you can usually get an appointment within a couple of days, again, depending on the urgency. I haven’t had to pay for a single medical test. It’s only medication and dental work that you do have to pay for, but private or work-offered insurance is not hard to obtain. There are plenty of clinics and doctors get paid pretty well here ;)

  5. Wow, what an outstanding example of the vaunted liberal tolerance I hear so much about. Oh that’s right: liberals are tolerant ONLY if they agree with the message. Deliver a message that differs from liberal beliefs, and that tolerance disappears rather quickly. Thanks, Winning, for making my point so blatantly!

  6. I don’t like the whole ‘repub vs demo’ stuff. I’m an economic conservative..what does this mean? I don’t like the idea of spending money we DON’T have. I am all for idealism and what not. Let’s be real, this billboard has nothing to do with politics. Social issues really have no bearing, in my opinion because no one will actually try to change things. If you do change things then you no longer have something to campaign about! Honestly, I would love someone who is a ‘liberal progressive’ to explain how all the social programs that we so ‘deserve’ can be afforded? Before I get thumbed down, could we possibly have an actual discussion on the matter? Don’t argue with emotions or ‘feelings’ either because that has no validity. I also ‘feel’ that everyone should have healthcare but is it feasible? Welfare clearly hasn’t worked so should we continue to throw larger sums of money into this entitlement program?
    Also, I’m a college graduate and will be a doctor in 8 months, so not everyone who is a conservative is ‘uneducated’ or ‘likes NASCAR’.

    • I don’t like partisan politics, either, but the sign was put up by Repubicans. Their political affiliation is naturally going to come up in the conversation.
      As far as not being able to pay for things goes, I didn’t see many Republicans banging that drum when we couldn’t afford the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The only one who had anything to say about not fighting so many goddamn foreign wars was Ron Paul, and he’s looney tunes.

      • I agree with the foreign wars thing. I think the reason people have started freaking out about spending is twofold. 1) it’s being done by a democrat so repubs latch on 2) people have realized, holy junk 15 trillion in deficits is way more than those lame wars cost. Just because one guy sucked doesn’t mean the next guy gets a free pass, in my opinion. I’m a borderline isolationist. America used to be able to be the ‘hero of democracy’, but we no longer have the monetary resources (or the manpower, honestly, as more and more countries begin to falter). I’m all about reducing military spending and decreasing our foreign assistance programs. We can’t help others if our country fails. The European Union is demonstrating this concept as we speak so America needs to wake up and realize idealism is not feasible. Online politics are usually pointless anyway, but I’m just throwing that out there.

    • We have universal healthcare in Australia, and our economy is in a better state than the US. We have fewer homeless people and ‘working poor’ per capita, partly due to our welfare system.

      The system isn’t perfect, but it’s reasonable: if you are prepared to wait, you can get most necessary medical procedures done for free. If you can’t get a job, you’ll get a small payment you can survive on, however frugally, until you do get a job (or until you reach pension age, whichever comes first). When you retire, you’ll get a government pension if you don’t have enough private superannuation to live on.

      Australians will whinge their arses off about how they can’t afford a decent standard of living, but home ownership is high here, most people can afford to clothe themselves decently, and know where their next meal is coming from. My mother, who is a US citizen by birth, was shocked when she visited home and saw how little her own family could afford. She came back to us saying, I’ll never complain about being poor again. (By Australian standards, my parents have below average earnings and assets.)

      When I lived in the UK ten years ago, I found it was much the same with the National Health. I had a flatmate who was unemployed for a while, and she was poor, but able to pay her own way.

      So, yes, universal health care IS affordable, and so is a welfare system that gives people something to live on until they can fend for themselves.

      • I recognize that nationalized healthcare can ‘work’ as most other countries have adopted it. The problem is that America never developed a plan in the first place. Now, they’ve shoved something together in a haphazard manner in order to just have something to pass through. Like Pelosi said, ‘like it or not, we’ll push this bill through next week’. She could have said that but ‘we’ll push this bill through once it looks effective’ would have been better. I think Germany has a good model for nationalized healthcare (you can wiki decentralized healthcare).
        My gripe with socialized medicine is that we currently talk about ‘group A’ needing to ‘pay their fair share’ or needing to support ‘group B’ which is the lower class, right? Well, we do not talk about how Group B literally does everything to kill themselves. As I mentioned in an above comment, 10% of the population accounts for over 85% of healthcare costs. That’s ridiculous. If you want to talk about ‘fair’ then don’t pretend that asking 90% of Americans to pay more to support 10% is ‘fair’. You can say, ‘it’ll do our nation good in the long run’, but don’t pretend that you’re looking out for everyone’s best interests. From a healthcare providers perspective, the government needs to break the ‘victim’ mentality of the majority and put stipulations on universal healthcare–i.e. if you prove you abuse your ‘right’ to healthcare, then you will be held responsible. I think that’s ‘fair’.
        Also, as a side note, almost everyone that comes to our free clinics has an I-phone or an I-pad. True story. That is an exorbitant expense considering my insurance (with dental coverage as well) costs $110/month. Without dental, you can get plans for around $80/month.

  7. To everyone complaining about how our government doesn’t work, and dems vs repubs is suck. I agree! I am going to still vote because thats one of the best ways I can help fix it. I’m not sure how not voting helps. But I digress. My point is not why you should or should not vote, but rather “instant runoff voting,” or as I like to call it “The Pizza Party System.” This is something that I really think America needs to move towards. For those of you who do not know, it’s where you make a list of everyone who is running for office, from who you’d like to vote in the most to the least/ They tally those votes, and whoever is voted #1 the least is booted off the list, then they tally them again and again until there is only one candidate left standing. I think it would work great because then I could still vote for the person I want in office(who currently has no chance) and not be throwing away my vote and getting who I do not want in office.

    The two party system is broke, and I want to fix it. I have no idea how to get more people talking about The Pizza Party System/Instant Runoff Voting, but we need to.

  8. G is a crazy racist and homophobic letter. They covered this on a very special episode of Sesame Street to explain why they would no longer be brought to you by that letter.

  9. Also, I strongly believe Obama’s latest stance on gay marriage is largely a ploy to get donations. Would he sign a bill legalizing gay marriage? I think so, but he’s sure as hell not going to go out of his way to make that happen. It’s not like he’s proposed any legislation, he simply passed the buck onto the states anyway, who were already making their decisions without his input. However, his campaign coffers sure swelled in the 24 hours after his announcment and it’s not like he was garnering a lot of the anti-gay marriage vote before anyway.

    Bottom line is, although I’m a conservative and abhor this President, I could care less if gay marriage is legal, but I have an extreme disdain for people making empty statements purely for political/financial(i.e. donations) gain.

    • Unfortunately, that rules out just about every politician ever. A politician’s primary goal is getting elected. Once elected, their biggest goal is getting reelected. The rest is largely theater, yet we play along every time. We love to believe they feel as passionately about this crap as we do.

      • Completely agree with you. Honestly, I don’t think anyone wants to ‘solve’ social issues…namely because you actually can’t. There will always be a ‘losing’ side, but if you’re a politician, you capitalize on dissent and change your face to fit your need/demographic *cough* mitt romney*cough. Also, what really is unfortunate is that you can’t become involved in politics unless you have large amounts of money–or you promise things to lobbyists/corporations for financial backing. Doesn’t that strike anyone as ‘odd’? How can we actually expect to elect anyone with the ‘people’s’ interests if they’re not even coming from a place of the people and they’re promising to support the interests of financial giants in order to get elected in the first place. It’s ridiculous.

  10. I support abortion. And I celebrated mine with ice cream. “YAY! Get that little fucker out of me! If god wanted that baby born, he’d have shoved it up someone else’s cooch, and polyurethane condoms would be more resilient!”

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