9 thoughts on “You’re never too young

  1. At their age, from that angle, they probably are thinking, “Is it a girl? Is it a girl? Turn around, turn around! Is it a girl? Is it — YESSSS!”

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  2. At that age they’re thinking “BUTTTTT!HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!” with the same enthusiasm that they’ll have after puberty, with just a slightly different focus.

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    • Ha. This post actually got deleted from Facebook. I guess some old pearl-clutcher couldn’t stand the thought of a 2-year old’s pixelated rear end.
      This fucking country.

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      • And yet parents get away with posting pictures of their kids on the toilet.

        And maybe it wasn’t a pearl-clutcher, Bronc. I’ve known some non-pearl clutching men who are even worse than the stereotypical blue haired old ladies when it comes to nudity in any form.

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