22 thoughts on “Somebody failed biology

  1. On a side note, Bronc, I think you might’ve worded this wrong – ““Did you get pregnant? No? Must not have been raped, then!””

    I think you meant a “Yes” where it says “No.”

    • That is EXACTLY where this mental pygmy, and the Tealiban dork who co-sponsored the failed bill last year (current VP candidate Paul Ryan) trying to redefine “forcible rape”, were headed. You see, if the only way you could get pregnant in a rape was if you REALLY wanted it, down deep, then biologically your whore body would’ve cut on this magical abortive process. Hence, no need for abortions, EVER! Take that, Roe v. Wade.

      Fortunately, all but the most rabid wing-nuts of the far right **cough Bachmann cough** distance themselves from this like Baptists from science lessons.

      Please show up in November at the voting booth (unless you’re brown and don’t have the proper papers, ACHTUNG!!!) and help flush these fecal Polarises.

      • Unfortunately,there will always be fucking assholes who will vote for cunts like this piece shit. I say fuck him and his party with a flaming tire iron. Pricks.

  2. The argument is that the chance for conception is less likely during a time of trauma, or extreme physical, mental, or emotional stress. I can’t really have an opinion on this, as I am not a medical doctor. And neither is this guy.

    But Jesus, even if it is true, what a way to put it. Maybe he should talk to children with cancer, and see how he can marginalize their issues by dismissing them entirely. He seems to have a knack for it.

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